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Pussers rum cup HMS Belfast can anyone tell me anything about this?



I wonder if you can help, I recently started clearing out a late relatives house after they passed away and came across a brass pussers rum cup with the side engraved HMS Belfast. As you can see in the pictures it's in really good condition just needs cleaning up.

I wondered if anyone could give me an idea of how old it is to see if I could maybe track a member of my family who served that we don't know about, can't see it being something she would buy so it must mean something but I have no idea on date. Any help would be greatly appreciated.image.jpgimage.jpg image.jpg

St George

Hi Panny,
The present Belfast was commisssioned before WW2 to give you a start, however there may have been ships of that name before then. What it looks like is not personal property but the official measure for half a gill which was one sixteenth of a pint or half one Tot. The tradition at the pipe "Up spirits" was for the Rum to be put into a half Barrel and under the watchful eye's of The Officer of the watch, and the Master at Arms the Stores Petty Officer would dole out the quantities that each mess was entitled, to do this he had an array of measures exactly like yours running up to a pint, and stamped with the ships name.
Another bit of trivia, I believe Belfast was the only major warship with a funnel abaft the main mast.


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Having 'Pusser's Rum' engraved on the base suggests that this is a modern souvenir. Neat rum was measured in flagons with a lip. Grog was measured using straight-sided plain measures.

As to the funnel, Edinburgh ditto.


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I suspect Seaweed and Wrecker L are both on the right tracks re the item being some sort of souvenir. I've got somewhere a tiny wood and brass cannon marked "HMS Victory" which was bought for my mother in the 1950s - but I never imagined that it was part of the ship's original armament!

I think the quirky bit about HMS Belfast was the mast/funnel/mast/funnel arrangement which she shared with HMS Edinburgh until the latter's loss.
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