Pussers Rum- Aged 15 years

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Ships_Cat, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. I just picked up a bottle of the "Aged 15 years" stuff, red label, taller shouldered bottle than the usual (see linky for pic) http://www.nauticalia.com/res/large/97014.jpg

    Very smooth and beautifully oaky, I think I shall be having a headache in the morning. Anyone else tried it?
  2. Not tried it SC, but would very much like to know where you bought it, and the price etc. What "proof" is it?
    The best rum I can get out here in Cyprus is Captain Morgans, which is OK, but definately NOT the real thing!
  3. Thanks for the link pc
  4. The Pussers 15 year Old has a high shoulder bottle and a red label. It is 40% alc/vol. I still have half a bottle left very smooth and the same strength as most high street spirits.

    The Pussers Blue label is about 55% proof I no longer have a bottle to look at having drunk my last. It is only obtainable in Gib at £8 per litre but only 1 bottle can be brought across the border so is hardly worth a 12 hour round trip.

    Woods Dark Old Navy Rum is readily available in decent Bodegas (Offie) at €17 or £11.75p a litre 57% alc/vol.

  5. If I can get hold of some I might give it a try, until then the bog standard stuff is OK.
  6. Still got about half of one of the old wicker covered jars of the real McCoy, brought in from Gib in 78. Nothing comes close!
  7. had last glass of 15 year old last night :sleepy3: . Got it in the Keswick Whisky Shop cost about £34 back in May (or whenever fathers days was). Loverly stuff, going to have to make a trip back real soon
  8. Nutty. Post some home to yourself as a present.
  9. For those in Pompey it can be bought (red and blue labels) from the Nauticalia shop in the old historic dockyards. Not sure but I think it retails for about £25.00 or so.
  10. The three local pubs I use, by my request sell it by the nip (1.60) and it is easily obtainable from Glass the wine merchand Dysart Kirkaldy
    So I have never really missed it, I do ship a several bottles a month though
  11. Skyvet, I bought it in my local offy for £30, but the site I borrowed for the pic is nauticalia.com, heres their pussers page;


    As they have a shop in Boathouse 7 in pompey dockyard, I can only assume its the same place Peter is talking about (see http://www.nauticalia.com/shops.php for other locations around the country)

    They list Pussers blue label, 54.5% abv (or 109 proof) for £23.75. The 15yr is listed for £39.99. Their shipping starts at £4.95 for a bottle to a UK address so the drinkshop link that PC posted looks like a good price. They also offer EU delivery which Im not sure if Nauticalia do.

    I noticed drinkshop also had the Pussers red label (42%), I once picked up a bottle in Gib for £5, lovely stuff.

    Now if we can just convince one of these places to start a "buy an oppo a Tot" price and service.... :plotting:
  12. Wot at them prices, I am a retired person, I could get two litres of the real 55% stuff for very little more by taking the wife on a trip to GIB.

  13. Nutty; I meant from Gib; hence the reference to "present" for the Customs ticket.
  14. Sorry, but you're too young to drink Pusser's Rum at 15 years.... old. Give it to me and I'll take good care of it for you.

    Where did I put my straw?

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