Pussers passion killers. What did you use yours for?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. When I joined up in the 60s issued with my kit was 3 pairs mens underpants white.
    They were the biggest baggiest pair of knicks that I had ever encountered. Also you had to stamp your name in black paint right down one leg.
    Imagine going ashore, trapping and then getting to home base. Any girl would have been so overcome with laughter that there would be no way of completing the action.
    I kept mine unworn for kit musters throughout basic training and part 2 training. After which they suddenly got consigned to the dustbin.
    My question is did anyone ever use them for their intended purpose?
  2. Yep..with braces they looked really cool.
  3. As a Junior i had to sew my name in mine.
  4. Bet you looked very fetching in the red emboidered passion killers Higs.
    As a junior you would have had to steer a wide berth of the stewards and MAs
  5. Fantastic things - should be issued to all teenagers and made to wear them! You'd never have ANY problem with unwanted babies after that! I mean, as was said above, imagine the reaction when you drop your strides back at her place! Well that's put paid to that night out! (So that's why I never got much as a sprog - thought it was because I was a spotty fool who din't know what he was talking about - not much changed there then 8O
  6. Another problem was that if you told her your name was Smith she would think you were a right crabby theiving bstrd with the name Jones showing
  7. At the G-spot, having sewn your name in in red silk thread, you had to wear them. Any civilian clothes, footwear of sports kit was strictly forbidden and possession of same would bring much punishment upon your young head

  8. At Raleigh in '78, we had to provide our own knicks and PJs, as Pusser had stopped supplying them.

    PJs and a couple of pairs of knicks were kept folded to book size for kit musters.

    I don't know what happened to the PJs after Raleigh, but I definitely remember no-one ever wore their Beefers Overalls in Collingwood.
  9. Beefers overalls, havn't heard that name in years. Another was string vests or Brown hatters scrambling nets
  10. Eh? No self-respecting brown hatter would be caught dead in a fishing net - nor for that matter wierd underpants with braces!???? 8O Pusser obviously had a strange sence of humour! :lol:
  11. Still got my original brown hatters overalls,pairs two of, still folded book size and in the bottom of the kitbag, up the attic,
    I wonder if ebay would be a good place for original forty year old brown hatters overalls
    Should I give it a try? :lol:

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9

  12. Its very true -the pussers passion killers . As a junior we had to wear them
    like Nutty says. Also if you did try to wear other than the regulation issue they would find out at the early morning mass dhobi sessions--the instructors used to check what you were washing any civvy clothing was confiscated.
    And I wore them for at least 2 years cos us juniors didn't get our full pay untill we were 17 and a half.We couldn't afford anything else!

    Only kit I still have is my name stamp , my house wife and I did have my
    pyjamas till not so long ago. With sown in name -- red chain stitch.
  13. In the early 70s we werent issued with any - and we werent commandos either

  14. I only wore pussers kaks when we were on speed marches Yfronts were no good yer upper thighs chafed :twisted:

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