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Pussers Grip


Does slops still sell the good 'ol Pussers Grips, Stuff, For The Carrying Of.

The one I've got is about 17 years old and is about past its prime. It's been used for everything; beer locker, tool bag, pillow, car jack(!).

Can you still get em?


That white tropics rig got us the best run ashore in Monte Carlo. If you had you tropics on it was free...everything; drink, clubs, food, all free. Matlots heaven. And yeah, we did look a bit poncie.


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fishmiester said:
Tropics in New York.
Front of the queue for everything. Passers by clapping. Cheap ale.


Can echo that statement as I had the same sort of treatment whilst there in July 1986 on the Ark.

We got into all the top spots for free, including Stringfellows and got to dance with some very fine looking ladeezzz.

Some of the Irish there were a bit on the narky side for obvious reasons. But after attempting to 'collect' some money from us and being told to go forth and mulitply by a 40 strong group of drunken sailors, they realised the error of their ways. :lol:

Tropics were always the best for a grippo IMHO. :p


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The old brown grips have gone and replaced with a bigger general type carrying bag. The new ones are much better, more space and a carrying strap.


Yeah, but does it stand out from the crowd in a railway station bar at 100 yards? Thats the difference!

Yeah, ok, its a big bar:)
If it's reminiscing we're doing.... what of the old green suitcase ?
Being ex dusty, I eventually ended up with four (courtesy of Returned clothing stores in Chatham), kept them for years then had to dispose of them.
No, I was at the Gspot - had mine stamped on the edge by the handle grip (except for the ones I acquired) - oddly enough I still had my old small brown attache case ( :oops: should I be mentioning that?) up to a few years ago which was stamped on the inner side.


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Sad git that I am I still have in the attic

One Green suitcase

One Brown grip

One Brown attache case

I left the RN in 1970. All the above are full of the bits and pieces in life that you just can't quite bring yourself to get rid of
I still have my old kitbag and a flight kitbag, the first still stamped with my moniker, but all all the others have gone 'cos the ex threw them out after she threw me out, and they still held useful things like :

Old wood type, metal type, wage slips, etc ......