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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Topstop, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Heard it on an advert for "Best Buys" today. was sung by us with pusserised lyrics.

    "When I wake up in the morning light
    I put on my 8s and I feel all right
    I put my Pussers 8s on
    I put my Pussers 8s on"

    Any other songs been pusserised ?
  2. There's that many versions of that song, you even have to rehearse for a sod's opera.

    You talk like Margret Rutherford,
    And dance like Biffo the bear,
    Your clothes are all made by Bernard's,
    And there's ship's side grey paint in your hair.

    My favorite verse is....

    I remember the back streets of Naples,
    Two children begging in rags,
    You slapped them and stole all their money,
    And you spent it on Larger and fags, yes you did........
  3. Can't remember all of it but Elkie Brooks where it started "Pearls a skimmer".
  4. Wake me up before you go go - or as per the version from Illustrious back in '84/5 "Wake me up before you turn to"

    Do the Doodlebug
    Do the Doodlebug

    When a helo ditches at sea
    You call the air director on the AAC
    But the HC tells you to wait
    and by the time you get through
    it's much to late

    Scouse Douglas is your man
    Keeping the tracks on wherever he can ...

    Anyone else here from that time remember the rest of the song?
    IIRC AB(R) "Blast" Furness penned this.
  5. Plastic Ono Band.........

    Everyones talkin bout long weekends, make and mends, trapping snappers, getting crappers......

    All we are saying is give Jack a chance
  6. To the tune of ''Rawhide'' the 60's tv show.

    Paintin paintin paintin, keep those dabbers paintin, keep those dabbers paintin.....port side

    Through rain and windy weather we'll paint the side together, wishing we were on weekend

    My hearts palpitating, the meat wagon will be waiting, be waiting at the end of my run.
  7. ________________________________________________________________


    Jolly Jack was even at it the fifties (and probably for decades long before that, too)

    There's a bright golden cyst on your elbow ...

    Connie Francis

    Lipstick on your chopper told a tale on you
    Lipstick on your chopper said you'd had a chew
    Bet your bottom dollar that you followed through
    Cuz lipstick on you chopper told a tale on you ... etc
  8. Green tambourine.

    Don't get your non skid on my silverine,
    Help to keep the focsul smart and clean,
    We've been working hard, so don't be mean,
    And keep your fuckin non skid,..... off my silverine.
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  9. Don't stand in the subway darling...Or whatever it's called...Pet Clerk.

    Don't bend in the bathroom baby,
    Dont strip in the mess deck square,
    Don't flash by the wardroom pantry,
    Watch your parts, be careful skin, there's stewards every where.
  10. Brill, but I have just sung it with the recording on "You tube" and there must be a line missing between "Carefull skin........and.....Theres stewards

    Thanks, it made I chuckle
  11. We never was that musical mate, some of the bastards I served with were a line short of a song by nature.
    Can't remember if it was OD cologne or that Spanish bastard Senor Totoff.
    I know it wasn't the Dutch bloke Naafi-Van-Driver.:laughing2:

    The old ones are the best.
    So they say.
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  12. Woodpeckers Hole....Nursery Rhyme.

    I put my finger in a woodpeckers hole.
    The woodpecker said god bless my soul,
    Take it out, take it out,
    Remove it.

    I removed my finger from a woodpeckers hole,
    The woodpecker said god bless my soul,
    Put it back, put it back,
    Replace it.

    I replaced my finger in a woodpeckers hole,
    The woodpecker said god bless my soul,
    Turn it round, turn it round,
    Revolve it.

    I revolved my finger in a woodpeckers hole,
    The woodpecker said god bless my soul,
    Take it out, take it out,
    Remove it.

    I removed my finger from a woodpeckers hole,
    The woodpecker said, god bless my soul.
    Take a sniff, take a sniff,

  13. 1st. "remove it" should be "retract it" and 3X. it fits to; I wish I was in Dixie Land. Mavelous, it upsets the Southern Septics
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2011
  14. Sorry mate if I am in breach of copyright,.. apologies.:laughing2:

    And why are you such a connoisseur of rude songs, you filthy bastard.
    I put it on here as stirling threatened me by PM. I don't usually have anything to do with this sordid sort of stuff on RR, I leave it to you buggers who are not in my bible study classes.
  15. Too much " Begating" in the Bible, far too graphic!

  16. Well I'll be begat,
    Now you're begining to understand.
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