Pusser Escort Service (Newbies Division)

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by thingy, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. It has come to the attention of the Defence Council (Navy) that many newbies have not yet experienced extended periods on a train before and have quite possibly never used public transport before because mum and dad have provided a cost-free, door-to-door chauffeur service.

    Today a new Instruction has been promulgated.

    From 4 July 2009 Pusser will provide a free escort service to concerned parents guaranteeing door-to-hatch delivery of newbies to HMS Raleigh. The service will be provided by serving Sea Dads (for lads). There is no similar service for females as 16 year old girls tend to be more mature and self-confident than their male counterparts.
  2. You may laugh but I had a Phase 2 laddie when I was at Raleigh who wanted to know how to post a valentines card to his pash. He'd written out but didn't know what to do next.

    He was most miffed when he found out he had to BUY a stamp and post himself :lol:
  3. Strange, I thought you were the escort for the young lads 8O
  4. Any chance the date could be brought forward to the 29th March from the 4th July?

    I am worried I may end up in a pub in London and forget to get my next train to the land of married brothers and sisters.
  5. Oi! angry9:

    Anyway, my sister's essence :sex:
  6. Yeah, Tim told me. :D
  7. Smelly you mean? Like Gorgonzola ?
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Feck off thingy we're 1 in 69, your not getting out of your duty that easy. :angry7:

    witsendsortingoutdutydodgingbastardsRN :threaten:
  9. Sad really that our Thingy, AAC, Nozzer, Seacat, comes across as a real pratt, his poetry has no rhyme nor reason, he pontificates about a Service he has never been in, writes shite and thinks he`s funny, but what the fukc do I know?
  10. Oh dear HTP. You used to be so funny and a pleasure to converse with. Now you've become cantankerous. Must be having to read witless comments by those oddballs you mentioned (AAC, Seacat, etc) and our ever interesting newbies. :roll:

    PS: Poetry doesn't need to rhyme, though I do conceed that it's much more enjoyable and memorable reading Uncle Albert than Ezra Pound.

    PPS: I've always been a Pratt. Once a pratt, always a pratt! It may have something to do with being a lifelong civvy: never having lived in the rarified atmosphere of a regular RN messdeck. :oops:
  11. :lol:


    For a Thingy escort you need to have face fungus and know all about wheel spanners.
  12. :lol: :lol:

    As heard many times, come here and meet my sister and my wife, there she is :lol: :lol:

  13. And no doubt an ability to find the 'Golden Rivet'!!
  14. Golden Rivet is lovely! :cuddle:

    .....Oh, you mean THAT one..... :D
  15. I once had a pussers escort from Faslane to Victory Barracks and we went by train.

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