Pushups, chin ups, sit ups

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soon_to_be_bootneck, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Hi i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice to how much push-ups, sit-ups,chin-ups, that i should strive for to be a marine. I know theres a standard but i want to be sure i can almost double the standard. So just wondering what number i should strive for.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Mate, first thing to grasp is they're not looking for the finished article, just someone with the potential to be one.

    I dont know what the requirements are today, Ninga does and will sort you out on them. They have to do a bleep thingy now, if they'd of done that with me I'd of failed, every other word would have been bleeped.

    Chin ups, man ones only, no girlie shite. Hands on the outside of the bar facing you....much fun.

    Sit ups, these are fairly easy after a while, just knock them out.

    Press ups, dont kow the required number but after basic I cracked 60 out for a bet in a oner, things you'll do for a pint.

    Like I said they arn't looking for the finished article, just someone with the mental strength and bollocks to complete the course. Most dont, go for it.
  3. Mate im going to the marines too, i do 3 sets of 50 sit ups, 20 chinups and 30 pushups a day, they expect you to be able to do 27 pushups in one in the 2 days fitness tests :dwarf:
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, im 16 in couple of days and can do 50 pushups, but i got a gut thats gotta be worked on, and my running is ok. I got like 3 years left till i move to the Isles, so i got to start soon. I have a weight class next semester in my school so ill start then.
  5. To just let you know this website if you dont know it www.prmc.co.uk
    Ninja is the site admin and it will help you out alot.
  6. last time i checked, which was fairly recently...

    on the potential royal marines course, youl do a bleep test which you need to score 11 at. 3 miler in under 22 minutes.

    as for the pressups situps and pullups. you have a 2 minute time to bang out as many as possible, with pressups theyl stop you at 60, situps 80, and i believe 20 for the pullups. im not sure what the minimum amount is for these but whenever ive spoken to the RM bods in the afco theyve just told me to aim for the maximum. seems sensible.

    it only took me about 3 weeks to go from 5 pressups to 60, just stick at them, and blobby is right about the situps, after a while they arent too difficult.

    some how im expecting everything to be a few times harder when theres an angry bloke in a green lid and white vest leaning over me screaming his bollocks off as im doing these excercises...
  7. soon_to_be_bootneck,

    We know it's you, canuck123.

    Your Quote:
    "Thanks for the replies guys, im 16 in couple of days"

    canuck123 Quote:
    "Thanks guys, im 16 in december so i got a while till i can even think of joining but you guys are helping lots. I will get the passport then call the RM and take it from there."

    How many times are you going to ask the same banal questions over and over and over again? You've already apologized once:

    "I want to apoligize to the Members of this site. Im sure you may be aware of my time on the Arrse. I lost my head thinking of being a para but i now realize that i belong here. i apoligize on saying the term limey, hopefully you accept this apoligy, if not say so and i will leave this site for good."

    And remember this gem from Oct 31st, 2007, when you asked on ARSSE about being a Para? Quote:
    Its true i wanted to be a Marines, but i dont anymore, the commando thing doesnt intrest me. I asked it here because i thought it might be different in the army then in the Navy.

    Now, be a good little 15 year old and just go away.
  8. Wot no Burpees or Star Jumps? :whew: :yawn:
  9. The standards to be acheived are
    3 mile run 12mins 30 for 1.5 miles then back in ure own time in sub 10mins.
    60 press ups (very good quality or not counted) 2 mins
    80 sit ups (quality) 2 mins
    3-6 over arm pull ups in the instructors time.
    Ideally you should attempt these after at least a 3 mile run. This will give you a good indication of where youre fitness levels are at.
    You should be covering at least a 608 mile run twice per week at 6-7 min mile pace.
    KK lol
  10. that should read a 6 to 8 mile run
  11. you have to complete a 1.5 mile run in under 10mins 44secs, so 3 miles in 12 mins sounds abit wrong????

    Were have you got these details?
  12. Found some info in a previous post, try clicking the search in the top right before psting just to see if what your looking for hasn't already being answered. :toilet:

    The Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT) must be completed before you will be accepted for training; this consists of a 2.4km (1.5miles) run on a treadmill at a selected civilian fitness test centre which must be completed within the following times:

    Age Male PJFT Female PJFT
    15 - 24 12 mins 20 secs
    25 - 29 12 mins 48 secs
    30 - 34 13 mins 18 secs
    35 - 39 13 mins 49 secs
  13. Wow someone who has the same month birthday as me, says so much
    (rolling eyes)
  14. I turned up at Ctc a bit porky and passed out in as an original.

    Follow this lifestyle for 1 month prior to attending PRMC. if you can hack it your in, If you can't, then dont even bother...

    Smoke 20 lamberts and butler a day, you wont be able to afford Regals on nods pay so get used to them.
    Once in the corps you will live off sheppys cider and roll over hotdogs. Rollovers for every breakfast and 1 gallon of Sheppies cider every wednesday afternoon 1230pm onwards, finish by 2pm fill it up again with your own piss and down it in one sitting.
    Go ashore(on the piss) every night from 5pm till close of pubs and drink everything you see. If your hungry you are allowed only to indulge in ''Action Snacks'' This is not a plated meal in weatherspoons etc, It is mearly a snack to keep your blood sugar levels up ie pork scratchings or crisps,Every Bootneck knows that ''Eatings Cheating'' .At kicking out time in the bar pull and shag the biggest and ugliest boiler in your town, NEVER wear a jonny, you need to assess your ammune system at this point. If you dont catch a dose, you have the immune system of a crocadile. This is nesecarry mate when your eating rats and shit in the jungle you gotta have tough guts.
    Every morning crack a 6 mile run in under an hour.
    This is the basic nutritional requirement of every Royal and his daily average fitness activity.
    Like the advert says ''Its a state of mind'' Dont flap about how many press ups u can do etc, Its 60 percent will power and 40 percent fitness. Most bootnecks in the units are very fit but for those who are average they make up for it in the upstairs department, Its amazing sometimes what you can achieve when u turn up pissed for PT.
  15. Roger that Luke, i was a 20-a-day smoker before i started training and i went down to my prmc having never even run as far as 3 miles before. that was 5 years ago, i still smoke 20-a-day and can run my little junior marines into the ground if nescessary, because it's all in the mind.
    ps also got my best ever bft time when i was still shiters from the night before
  16. lukep,you dont drink in the black horse do you ?(town withheld for opsec ha).as a pongo i totally agree with your views,must add never miss an chance to spoof for port or cheeky vimtos,if any of your oppos shouts "naked bar" de bag or you owe drinks.i will end with its no disgrace to wake up in a pool of your own body fliud,shower (yes pongos do wash) then parade for your morning pt session.

    Wot no Burpees or Star Jumps? wot happened to "b**tards" a press up/squat thrust/burpee combined .....loved then days ...not

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