Push ups

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by SkullFuct, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. I thought there was going to be a pic of a bird in a wonderbra!!!
  2. Try doing the triangle push-ups on a medicine ball, have to do those on 'circuit day' at training (only once a week thankfully), absolute f'in killer they are. The hindu style are a bugger to get right like the guy in the vid is doing them.

    Have you ever tried crossover PU's using a med ball? youtube Any more than 30 of these in one go and I'm gassed.
  3. Have you tried training to be a real matelot and drinking loads and eating all the wrong food at all?
  4. It certainly worked for me Brigs, all that sh!t scran and booze has turned me into the essence young thruster I am today.
  5. If you can do 300 "normal" push ups, I'd wager that you may be able to do planche push ups, what about handstand push ups?
  6. Skullfuct,

    Have you ever tried doing push ups while your wingman attempts to drag your underpants off, through your trousers and assorted passers by slap your asre??
  7. And have you ever done one-handed "Press" ups (Not push ups) whilst drinking a tin with a 15 stone matelot sat on the small of your back tapping his cock on your spine. All the while, 50 other naked people are spraying you with beer, pissing on you and punching you.


    Then I suggest you try it, as this is what happens once you're in.

    Your 300 press ups won't save you now.
  8. And a Chinograph pencil up your Arris!!
  9. You dont ferking impress me , :lol: i do 600 press ups before breakfast and 59 triangle thingys after breaky,then i do a 50 mile run and follow it off with another 600 pressups,no ferkin problemo mister/ miss, 8)
  10. Followed by a quick rub down of Sporting Life? :lol:
  11. Careful lads. You could end up looking like:

  13. LOL at the other replies

    That push up looks pretty savage. Might try that at some point though I'm too cheap to go to a gym (my gym charges something heinous like £7 a go)

    This is probably the most savage push up I've seen so far even though it's done by a Twink. lmao
  14. Safeguard, i'm not joking.
  15. shit 300 press ups for training i got a long way to go
  16. A day mate, I guarantee that's not all in one go.
  17. true that didnt think off that....anyone could do that in a day...utilising the full 24 hour period...providing you didnt need sleep/toilet/full time employment/housework/social life/family time/ call of duty ...lol
  18. one cock push up would be much better than 300 normal!
  19. lol...tenacious d style

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