Push Ups - female and male

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Shavila, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. Just out of curiosity and not because I am trying to geet out of doing proper push ups, but in the navy do women do modified push ups, or just normal push ups?
  2. They don't do push ups. They do press-ups. If by modified you mean with their knees on the floor, Yes.
  3. Sorry just came from Canada.. I am used to push ups ;) But yes I did mean with knees on the floor.
  4. I have been told by a friend in the Navy that the press-ups and sit-ups are done to a beep or a buzzer. How many would you recommend to do? And how long do the beep/buzzer last?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. Depends how long you keep your finger on the button
  6. Sounds about right then knowing the Navy! Lol.
  7. I heard a buzz a few months ago about getting rid of the female press-ups so everyone does the same. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  8. I did the RNAC the other week and you do your press ups to the beep so it's at a steady pace. I think the press-up one went to 40 and the sit up one to 60 but im not to sure, i was busy doing them.
  9. Thanks jjb23, but was it like 3 sets of 40 press-ups followed by like 60 sit-ups?
  10. No, its was just the once and you did as many as you could, so when the beep started you started until you couldnt do anymore or the tape stopped. At Raleigh i think you have to do 23 press-ups and 40 something sit-ups but not 100%.
  11. Beeps and buzzers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    All I can recall is the PTI yelling "STOP" after what seemed hours!
  12. Have you seen GI Jane? Demi does them on one arm!

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