push ups and situps at raliegh and PRNC

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by caldee22, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Are the push ups and sit ups still done to a beep? not that it makes a difference, i'm just curious.
  2. Either that or to the click of your wrist from overuse

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  3. For those still wondering - no. At no point in phase 1 did anyone test to see how many press ups or sit ups we could do (unlike PRNC). You just have to be able to complete the IMF press up routine which you learn as part of IMF / PT sessions. You might only do 20 press ups and 30 sit ups, but that's on top of everything else so you're knackered and during the first few weeks you'll be given press ups as punishment for everything, so just practice doing as many as well as you can!
  4. There you go, fixed it for you.
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  5. We all know that even if nobody fidgeted, talked or gave up the PTIs would still find a reason for press ups! ;)

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