Purple Acki

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Wilf, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Wilf

    Wilf Midshipman

    Does any scouse punters what frequent this website know about this loony ? Apparently he's the merseyside boogeyman, according to my oppo.


  2. 2_deck_dash

    2_deck_dash War Hero

    I'm not a scouser but my bezzy oppo is and I heard about him when I was based in Birkenhead.

    Let me feel your muscles!
  3. tug1970

    tug1970 Badgeman

    Yup I have heard of purple acki. He has been around along time I remember him hanging around were I went school in south liverpool in the middle of the 80's.
  4. Sexual pervert,abuser of kid's, last I heard he was inside. :twisted:
  5. tuts

    tuts New member

    He's my ex boyfriend. He takes great pleasure in feeling young boys muscles. :D :D
  6. Higgy

    Higgy New member

  7. X.R.D

    X.R.D War Hero

    Or wannabe Ninja wimmin with better abs than the average!!

    8) 8)
  8. full_of_enthusiasm

    full_of_enthusiasm Midshipman

  9. That 'old' report was dated Jul 3 2008 and has since been overtaken by similar offences/events:

    From the same illustrious Liverpool Echo of 25th June this Year:

    <<A NOTORIOUS Liverpool man with a fetish for feeling teenage boys’ muscles was was labelled a “sexual predator†by a judge as he was jailed yesterday.

    Akinwale Arobieke, 48, was locked up for two-and-a-half years after a jury found him guilty of touching the calf and thigh muscles of a 16-year-old boy in Llandudno, north Wales.>>


    8O Never heard of him before and now I sincerely wish I hadn't!! :evil:
  10. scouse

    scouse New member

    Wilf :wink: :wink: This is the real Wilf .. RN style :lol http://usera.ImageCave.com/scouse/31696_131828380160579_100000002540709_391685_6846190_n(1).jpg
  11. bollotom

    bollotom War Hero

    Akinwale Arobieke? Is that the Akinwale Arobieke from the Wigan Arobiekes. I'd heard he'd moved to Liverpool but thought no-one voluntarilly moves to Liverpool so he must have gone to prison there. Wasn't he a dhobi-wallah on the royal yacht? 8)
  12. Wilf

    Wilf Midshipman

    Indeed! I bet he's lying in an attic somewhere now...

    Edit- the ventriloquist dummy, wilf, from Sailor (1976)--- not Purple Aki. Wouldn't want him lying in your attic....
  13. X.R.D

    X.R.D War Hero

    Why does our man look like he's got a red condom over his head in the phot???
  14. bollotom

    bollotom War Hero

    Cos they didn't have any green ones. 8)
  15. Scouse_Scribbler

    Scouse_Scribbler Midshipman

    I remember the tales of Purple Aki going back as far as when I started secondary school in 1985, basically it all revolved around him 'bumming' you supposedly!!
  16. X.R.D

    X.R.D War Hero

    I wish I had your awe inspiring sense of humour mate!!! :roll: :D
  17. Rumrat

    Rumrat War Hero

    XRD where you been mate, fuckin been AWOL for weeks.

    Welcome back squire.
  18. X.R.D

    X.R.D War Hero

    Hello me old china.

    I've been busy setting up my business. Can't complain at being busy!!! :wink:
  19. NZ_Bootneck

    NZ_Bootneck War Hero

    Welcome back oppo.

    Setting up business?
    What down the market?
    "Cor blimey missus a full bone china dinner set for a Pony? Yer having a larf....All right i'm cuttin' me own throat here, a tenner and it's yours darling"
    :lol: :lol:
    Good luck mate.
  20. Rumrat

    Rumrat War Hero

    Market my arse, he's got the franchise to pimp Monty and JJ.
    Blackrat gets the spotting position keeping an eye out for the filth. :D :D

    Oh and the "Hot Dog" cart is not only a front, but pays the rent on slow weeks. :roll:

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