Pupil walks out in 'racist' book row

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. Like many of you I have seen the movie and read the book. It's a fantastic story and is certainly not racist in any way.
    Another person looking for compensation perhaps?

    As for the word nigger, the only people using that word these days seem to be black people amongst themselves.


    Pupil walks out in 'racist' book row
    Brian Lashley
    March 03, 2009

    A BLACK pupil walked out of school in protest after the 'racially offensive' novel he is studying for a GCSE was read aloud in class.

    Tinashe Makunike said he felt uncomfortable at the use of racist language in the classic To Kill A Mockingbird.

    The novel is taught in schools across the country. Critics regard it as an anti-racist novel which exposes prejudice in Depression-era America.

    But 16-year-old Tinashe, a prefect and the only black student in his class at Holy Family College in Heywood, near Rochdale, says reading the book in class made him feel 'inferior and undermined' as he had experienced racist taunts at the school.

    He walked out after a drama company acted out scenes from the text using the word 'n*****'.
  2. From the article:
    I think the pupil has entirely missed the point. For his parents to be advocating the banning of books is, frankly, insane. I wonder if the government will go through with it?
  3. The little mong seems to have missed the point of education. My personal beef is with all these books and movies about China where they talk about Paddy Fields, can I sue someone ? or chop suey ?
  4. Eeny meeny miny mo catch a..................................................Perhaps we should stop children reading Uncle Toms Cabin.........................
  5. Not surprised the idiots are starting to turn up over there as well when it comes to this stuff, they banned Huckleberry Finn in some of the Bible belt states because they thought it shouldn't be taught in class. Just goes to show you no matter how educated a teacher may think they are, they still are clueless in some cases... :wink:
  6. maybe we could interest him in a life at sea,get him interested sail by reading The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' ?
  7. I read TKAM first after my daughter read it for GCSEs. It is a masterpiece, especially given the period in which it was written. After several re-reads and a few viewings of the old movie, also a classic, it is disheartening that anyone "of colour" could read it and not get the point. I wonder if this young person actually read and digested the whole story?
  8. In all probability he is inferior when it comes to appreciating a literary work of art.
  9. Seeing that the whole point of the story is the fight against endemic racism in the Southern United States prior to civil rights etc and that the book is rightly hailed as a classic of American literature I find the issue strange to say the least.
    As per usual with 'Ban the book' fanatics it appears that the book hasn't been read or its message was a tad too subtle. :roll:

    0/10 for Tinashe in literary comprehension methinks.
  10. Either this kid is genuinely unable to see the point of the novel or he is looking for an excuse to stay away from school. Obviously his parents are no more intelligent than he is, or have jumped at the chance of some sort of compensation payout.
  11. Clearly we have a lazy child here, who is either too lazy to read the book, or too dumb to see the point of one of the greatest books I have had the pleasure to read. As has been said, its an Anti-Racism book!

    I'm sure this lad would also like 50Cent, and Jay-Z banned, as many of their lyrics include the word he finds so offensive.
  12. I'm not actually sure that reading the book is a requisite for doing GCSE, they are given passages to work on and as long as they read the study guide and download their coursework from a reputable website, they've got an A* ...

    It's likely that he's got himself a dose of beer and girls and has used his umbrage as a means of explaining away his falling performance to his concerned parents... :)
  13. I believe that in the forthcoming remake of the dam busters by the septics , the name of Guy Gibsons dog has been changed to Digger.
  14. Now come on - be fair!

    If everything that offends someone somewhere at some time or other is banned in the interests of not offending someone then that is guaranteed to make the world a nicer more friendly place.

    For those who find the idea of banning something offensive then they should themselves be banned for insensitive attitudes and unreasonable behaviour.

    Of course those who actually do the banning should ultimately ban themselves from being able to institute future bans because it is clearly inappropriate (and possibly offensive) for any single group to have such power and authority.

    I am going to hide myself in a dark room so that I don't see or hear anything that I might find offensive; emerging only periodically to check any responses to this post. If anyone intends to disagree with it, call me names or do anything else that might be considered unreasonable or offensive could I ask them please to reconsider the impact of their actions on current, former and future generations.
  15. A lot of pontificating about a teenager who has seen an opportunity to be the rebel and have his 5 minutes of fame as is the modern way.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. More to the point, I feel sorry for the teacher who has to pronounce his name every day.. how?!
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Oh for gods sake, Why do we have to put up with such precious bastards as this fcukwit, what on earth is the point of educating him?
  18. Sounds like another perfect excuse for poor grades and one used on many occasions no doubt.

    How he can say the book is racist is beyond me and he obviously has the literary nouse of a nursery school child and as Nutty said, he has now had his 5 minutes of fame.
  19. Clearly this young lad is studying to become a professional victin, either that or he is going to find life in the real world a trifle hard.
  20. His feeling 'inferior and undermined' is his problem, he created it and he has to deal with it....not the rest of us.
    If all he can extract, from a very good book, is that message, he is a plank

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