Punch up in Campletown

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Polycell, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Anyone of the Conquerer remember a punch up in Campletown mid 80s.
    Met an ex 'Sowdrop' the other day who told me a dit about them trying to round up Conqs crew after a set too in Campletown. But he could not remember if it was Conqs or not.
    So was it?
    Wasn't any of us diesel weasels cos we had enough to do trying to drink the town dry and eat all Zafforoni's fish suppers.
  2. Been thrown out of there :oops:
  3. I can remember having a few punch ups with those oh so friendly locals when alongside in Campletown on a Frigate or Destroyer. They used to come down from hills when they were informed that a pussers grey was alongside. Never had the same problems when alongside on a small ship though.

    I could have sworn that the Zavaroni family chip shop was in Rothesay?
  4. I think your right, but Lena wasn't there when we were asked to leave
  5. I too can remember many a run in with the locals when up their on Ikara leanders in the late 70's/early 80's. But when on sweepers they couldn't do enough for us. Strange never thought about it like that before.


  6. Yea probably right about Zafforoni's fish shop. Trouble was as target boat and 'Perisher' running we were in and out of those bloody places so often they all look the same after a while.
  7. True mate, but the locals were much the same, pure sheep shagging inbreds who loved to devour young sailors and that was just the coppers. :)
  8. Had a huge punch up in Rothesay when I was on Ocelot. Baby chef got a smacking from the locals. We were sitting in the Chinese waiting for our scran to arrive when we got the news. Headed out to the scene of the crime en masse, punched some civvies, broke a police car, returned to the Chinese upon completion. Job done. That was around '82/'83.
  9. Spot on. Never forget the plaice!!!!!!

    I was stabbed in the back by a manic fishead with a plastic fork!!!! (Scylla circa 77)
  10. It was facing the Bute Hotel. Thinking about fish n' chips ever get pulled by the patrol on the way back to the dockyard or jetty with a big thick crusher asking " Wots that you've got in your hands :?: Stupid cnuts :!:
  11. Only went there once in 1968, I thought they had only just discovered Electricity, and the sheep grew tartan wool. :twisted:
  12. :twisted: Stacks of Jack vs. Glasgow neds in Rothesay during the 50s, including one great clear lower deck epic also a long running battle with the "Poison Dwarfs of the Highland Light Infantry that turned really nasty. :evil:

  13. Why what the fcuk did you say to them? 8O
  14. :twisted: "See youse Jimmy,yez a wee scunner so ya r ya fcuking bastid . Cum on yaz cnuts I'll tek on the fcuking lot of yez. :evil:
  15. Although Campbeltown was a notable exception, small ships local-running or on FP stand-offs in places like Rothesay, Ayr, Troon, Ardrossan, Largs, Oban, Tarbert Loch Fyne, Kyle of Lochash, Tobermory, Fort Bill and Stornoway, etc., rarely had any problems with the natives and generally had their feet under the table. However, whenever a submarine or frigate visited for a weekend, there always seemed to be a certain minority who treated the locals like dirt and trashed the place, thus ruining it for the regulars and any subsequent visitors. When I first visited Kyle in a minehunter to search for a downed Dutch Atlantique, every pub except one had banned sailors owing to a recent visit by an 'O' boat. Officers were still welcomed but it took us several days to convince them that not all matelots were sub-human yobs who couldn't hold their drink.
  16. :lol: My memories of all the above mentioned are the jungle drums echoing as we drew alongside and a Jimmy Shand Yahoo arse and tartan dance laid on.I plumbed the depths of filth and depravity in Ardrossan after such an event. It took place on a football pitch. 8) The depravity that is not the dance.:twisted:
  17. My memories are of coming out of the dance hut and trying NOT to run down the hill…those who weren’t in the know soon realised they couldn’t stop and hit the bottom doing a million miles per hour….In the 60`s we were always welcomed there ....or perhaps it would be more accurate to say we were tolerated….
  18. I have a feeling we were running with you at the time. I was on the Otter.
    Remember our Jimmy kept playing that Keith Michell record Captain Beaky and his band over the underwater telephone (185)
  19. VALIANT had a memorable punch up there in 76. Strangely enough, went there several times on the Fish Squadron 65-66, never had any bother. Maybe they just didn't like us Sundodgers.
  20. When Mr JW was on Leander, late 60's early 70's, they had a visit to Campbeltown, unfortunately one of the lads was found at the bottom of some steps. He died, but they never found out what happened to him - whether he just fell down or was pushed/attacked.

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