Puma hellrunner

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by daffy1, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. A bit of a long shot but here goes.
    Is anyone else doing the mentioned race this weekend ?
  2. Alas, until you said this weekend I was going to say yes.

    I'm doing the one down South at the end of the month.
  3. Sould be a horrid but fun day out. I might do the team event one next year.
  4. I'm going with a couple of other fellas, but we're doing it as individuals.

    I'm entering the ONER in April 2011 and the Grizzly- valley of the bogs in March.

    Those two alone will bring being shit to a whole new level.
  5. Just did it this morning. 12 miles total distance. My time was 1hr 17min. Going to sign up next year but try and start near the front so I can get a quicker time. Its hard graft playing catch up from the rear.
  6. That's a 6.5 minute mile over 12 miles daffy - in those conditions hardly something to be ashamed of!
  7. Ohh no not ashamed of it, but I always like to see how fast I can do these events. Although I did make the novice mistake of buying trail running trainers on the Wednesday and trying to do a crash course of breaking them in. Needless to say it did'nt work and I now have a few blisters.
  8. Daffy

    Well done, I think that time is really impressive myself.

    Re those blisters, Scholl do some really nifty gel 'plasters' especially for them which really help.

    I've been wearing silly shoes recently and they are a godsend.

  9. Thanks Soleil, I will pop down Boots tomorrow and get them sorted.
  10. That's a good time mate - well done.
  11. Bloody hell, whippet
  12. Right, leaving now.
    Feeling ill- check
    Injured calf- check
    Freezing cold-check
    Taking a triathlete with me- check

    Wish me luck
  13. Good luck mate, have fun.
  14. Christ on a bike, that was quick. How far down the field were you do you think?
  15. Grizzly, thats my neck of the woods, i've marshalled it, thats about as far as i'd go. not my cup of tea :lol: Good luck though.

    Good luck for today as well
  16. Good effort Daffy and god luck OJ.
  17. Would have been about 100th with that time. There's some real animals do hellrunner.
  18. Gutted!
  19. My position was 101. Next year I will do it by my self, so should be a hell of a lot quicker.
  20. Christ, that was a good guess.

    Edited to add: According to the results mate you've been a bit harsh on yourself. Your net time and position are better!

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