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Lantern Swinger
Has anyone ever played pull the pig, You Know where you have to poull the uglyist bird in the pub and shag it.
I will hold my hand up to play and she turned out to be a right bunny boiler. She followed me and sat outside the house for hours at a time.
So anyboody got any dits they want to share. :D :D


War Hero
Your talking about "grab a gronk", excellent game.

For my sins I have pursued this pastime once or twice. The very worse time was an evening in Exeter. I thought I'd struck gold when me and a few lads went back to some slappers house and I bedded the one who was missing a leg.

Chuffed to fcuk with my conquest I retired to the kitchen to tell my exploits to the the other lads but was met with "do us a favour blobbs....nip in there and tell that bird I'm off". Now, being shy I waited a few moments before plunging into the bedroom to tell the poor lass her beau for the night had done a runner. Good thing really because two more lads left her bedroom whilst I was plucking up the courage to tell her she wasn't wanted.

So, I slipped into the bedroom to tell her she'd be lonely. Big mistake, she really had the hump and said something along the lines of " If you fcuk of after fcuking me I'll fcuking kill you" So I thought, quids in, I'm gonna get me cock wet with this munter.

Sparing the gory details, I was fab, she wasn't, saved wanking.
This post, dated 10 Dec 2007, from All About BRNC thread:

Naval_Gazer said:
Just picked up this gem from something called Tim Worstall Tabloid Edition:

Tim Worstall Collection said:
While he was at Dartmouth there was a nasty little sport called going on a "grimmy run". On a night out, cadets would roam over Devon and the aim was to pick up the most unattractive woman one could with, of course, a winner being declared for the "grimmest". One night while indulging in this sport, his pick looked at him and said, "You're at Dartmouth aren't you? And you're on a grimmy run."
Well, shuffles feet, goes red, umm "Yes."
"Well" she said, "You've forgotten there are female cadets now. So am I and I've just won."
I did once. She stalked me for years afterwards, I used to walk around in the local pit and my mates used to watch her following me around .It usually took her two circuits of the club before she realised that I knew she was following and was giving her the exercise she desparatly needed whilst my mates where laughing at her.
Barmaid at the Dryad club was quite 'popular' 73/4, pie eater and civvy staff had quarters attached to the club, spotted a small Q outside her window on the way back from the 'Beast' to catch last orders, was wed at the time so never indulged myself, cough.


Lantern Swinger
Glasgow is always a prime candidate for it. I pulled one against me wishes, did the classy thing, made sure I spaffed on her clothes, just as she went to clean them off, p*ssed in her kettle and borrowed a fiver from her for a taxi! :D
Rugby team at school had it as a forfeit for worse player. Unfortunately some cnut let the cat out of the bag and we were as popular as AIDs with the girls for the rest of that term.
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