Pulhheems assesment,

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wannabejack, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Does anybody know what a Pulhheems assessment is? I know it's a medical but unsure when it is carried out. Is it the medical carried out at Raleigh for new entrants or is it the medical carried out during the application process?
  2. It's a special one for old farts (over 30) done at certain intervals over your career.

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  3. P - physical characteristics(height, weight, etc)
    U - upper limbs
    L - lower limbs
    H - hearing
    E - right eye
    E - left eye
    M -mental function
    S - stability

    So google tells me? :)

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  4. I joined up at 32 (eleven months ago) - do you think it's something that will have been incorporated into my medical on joining?
  5. Did all those bits in the acronym get tested?

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  6. To be honest i'm not entirely sure, day one at Raleigh was a bit of a blur!
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's part of the pre-entry medical assessment & all others thereafter.
  8. The reason I ask is that I have just noticed in my joining pack for BRNC that 'UY candidates are to ensure that their latest Pulheems assessment is less than one year old'. Given that I will be around eleven months since I joined by when I go to BRNC I hadn't given it much thought to be honest.
  9. Aren't PULHEEMS carried out every 4 years? It was the 'M' bit that used to catch me out.
  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Oi! I resemble that remark...he he he :D
  11. PULHHEEMS are carried out pre-entry, prior to leaving the Service and at various points in you career - every 5000 miles from the age of 30, and / or if career points such as UY / SUY.

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