Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by klankietiff, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. What's all that about then?
  2. PULHHEEMS is an abbreviation for the factors it is intended to test.

    Upper limbs
    Lower limbs and back
    Hearing (left)
    Hearing (right)
    Eyesight left (corrected / uncorrected)
    Eyesight right (corrected / uncorrected)
    Mental function
    Stability (emotional)
  3. P Physical capacity
    U Upper limbs
    L Lower limbs or locomotor
    H Right ear (Hearing)
    H Left ear
    E Right eye
    E Left eye
    M Mental capacity
    S Emotional stability.
  4. Ta! Got mine tomorrow (only 2 years late) How can they test emotional stability? 15 years in the mob would imply there's something wrong with you :)
  5. In my days (63-89) it was:


    Anybody else concur ?
  6. Reading around all this technical crap, its just a simple routine whereas the MO touches you and if you're warm your alive.
    If your alive your fit so he gives you the thumbs up.
    If you're just a tad cold but not freezing you get an aspirin.

    I do operations (Vasectomy's) most afternoons by appointment.
    Each forenoon I am available for AIC (artificial insemination by cock). Its a new method I have been trying out.

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