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Public want conscription reintroduced to tackle yobs...

Would you like to see conscripts in the Royal Navy?

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I did two years national service with the Army, and didnt particularly enjoy the discipline, but it did instill a feeling of pride in the uniform I wore, and even though it was a rather strict regime I didnt see anything like the treatment as shown in the TV Bad Boys Army.
After my National Service I found that I couldnt settle and Joined the Royal Navy for 12 years. so in conclusion am of the opinion that National Service can be a good thing, although I am not sure that it would work in this case. 8)
Jamie said:
Just read your post about intimidation and physical violence to make people learn..well I would just like you to give us all a few examples of intimidation and physical violence that were wrought upon your person whilst undergoing any sort of training Square-bashing or otherwise. I and thousands like me went through our time in the Royal Navy without intimidation or physical violence...I don't know what Navy you were in mate but it wasn't the Navy I was in.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble but it most certainly was. I could give you 3 examples that happened to me personally and several others that I personnally witnessed, however you have misunderstood my point. Read the posts above and you will see that at least 2 peoople suggest that "a few fat lips", etc wouldn't go amiss. My knowledge of 1940s training is limited but I also believe I could point to several historical sources that would confirm the use of training practises that would bring disciplinary action today. My point is, what of the fate of the instructor that employs such methods, particularly if he then goes on to train volunteers (making the assumption that the conscripts would be trained seperately). The modern training system, IMHO with a long and varied instructional experience, could not cope with an influx of this sort.

Someone said all conscripts hated it ..having to do National Service..bullshit...did you ask them all ???

You've misquoted me here. I said most hated it. I base this on conversations with my Uncle, older guys at his WMC, my father-in-law, members of his local RNA and finally the accounts given to me by regulars that trained or worked with conscripts. Again I'm not saying they did not do a good job, weren't professional, etc but I still believe the simple fact is that most looked upon this as a virtual loss of a period of their lives.

All the guys in my home town who went to do their National Service and came home on their first leave were cock-a-hoop that they had done their initial training and most were proud to be in the Service of their choice.

Did you speak to them all? Were they cock a hoop at the prospect of the coming service or the fact they were out of basic? I accept the views of those that did NS but to use your own argument unless the majority of them post we'll never know!

Just have a look around you and see what state a lot of our young people are in today especially in the Big Towns and Cities...Binge Drinking, Drugs, underage Sex, shoplifting to get money for drugs, stabbings and I could go on. What are we doing about it...Yup Sweet F.A. especially the Govnment.

The de-generation of our Country's moral and ethical codes nowadays is absolutely appalling......

Absolutely no disagreement from me at all. However whilst something needs to be done it should not burden a overworked, undermanned & under resourced armed forces with the ills or dregs of society.


edited for biff spelling!!
Would'nt work. Different 50 years ago; discipline was far harsher and conscripts either towed the line or suffered the consequences. And the emphasis is on the word suffer.
No way you could do that now, with the HRA and the rest of that garbage.
Mind you, with the current overstretch, if it kicks off big style in the Middle East, conscription might be the only way to meet demand and supply!
Nah! Just lock 'em all up and throw away the key. Any "person" who thinks it's funny to use their mobile to video someone being beaten up, rapes or steals from old people, knocks people over in their chav mobile etc, in my opinion is not human and does not deserve the simple human rights that we all uphold. Stuff 'em - keep 'em out of the RN, if anything use them in the army - target practice or suicide missions I don't care. These so called yobs make me ashamed to be British. :x :x .

The good thing about Bad Lads Army is it shows these yobs for what they really are - poncy little spoilt mummys boys, used to getting their own way, who can't hack adult life in the real world.
For God's sake, BJ - don't hold it in! Tell us what you really feel!
I agree with most of waht you wrote. I just beleive shooting the inbred, worthless scum would be cheaper and more fficent than keepingthem locked up.
Why can't we just "Transport" them all to Afghanistan like we used to do in the old days. See if the Taliban can do anything with them. If nothing else they might make good eating !
Why has some numpty got to drag this up every few years ?
We are now professional, volunteer services. The last thing we need again is a bunch of unmotivated, uninterested yooof forced to stick on a uniform for a couple of years because some retired brigadier thinks "it'll make men of them" (apologies for the gender speific reference) and "a damn good thrashing never did me any harm"
How would you train & motivate them ? - bullying ? I think not
How would you employ them - front line ? I hope not
How would you pay for them - more money for defence ? From Tone/Gordon I'm sure not.

This sort of suggestion should be given the stiff ignoring it deserves.
I think the suggestion starts up after ITV start screening another round of Bad LAds Army. I agree todays professional forces are not the place for conscripts which would be more trouble than they are worth and would cost far more than any government every paid up for them.

the last thing i would want is little scrotes getting weapon training, ffs its easy enough to get a weapon if you know the right people or places, and i'd rather not have to walk around knowing the idiots can shoot straight and are unlikely to get a jam/blockage etc because of weapon maintenance

well said whoever said this!

i agree with everyone who said theyre unmotivated and dont want to be there, more chance with the community projects.

When I took the plunge and jioned at the "G" PLACE,a couple of the class I wuz in had been given the option of jioning or borstal again by the beak.
Turned out OK :lol:

PS I could never get the hang of spellin' PROPPPER LIKE :!:
A very big negative , why would we want the scum , Human Rights Act would'nt allow us to do anything with them & they would know it , they know there rights more than they know anything else , wound me uo now , I'll have to go & have a pint , :twisted: :roll:
Brings to mind the old saying, "One volunteer is worth ten pressed men."

Todays military is not the place for sorting out societys social problems, however if you must have conscription then it must be for everybody. No exemptions due to sex, marital status, student status etc. If one is physically and mentally capable then one is in. If not then find them some other form of service to do.

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