Public to pay for designer glasses!!

His glasses were broken during a situation which meant that he had to be restrained. As he was in the wrong he should have been given a pair of the type that were fitted to gas masks. Would make him look a bigger [email protected] than he already does.
Ahh biut with long term prisoners like him, there has to be an air of reconciliation and understanding, otherwise it would be hell for the screws. I think this was a peace offering. Don't get me wrong, personally I think he should be in solitary for life or at least until he forgets how to bloody speak, but I'm not Mr PC run the Home Office :) ;)
He should have been told to go F~~~ himself and give him a pair of NHS specials to make everyone else aware that if you dont behave, you suffer - ooh sorry, this is the prison service we're talking about isn't it!.

I take it any wages he earns in prison will be going to pay for all the damage he has caused over the years !
Why does the Government use taxpayers' money to keep these violent b******s alive in the first place? What use will they ever be to society? Surely if they commit such horrendous crimes they should just be put down like dangerous dogs. And as for using taxpayers' money to buy designer glasses: I've never heard anything so ridiculous. If the state won't pay for my OH to have designer glasses then scum like him certainly shouldn't be allowed them.You can't argue that their human rights should be upheld because people like him do not qualify as human. And what about the human rights of their victims? Furthermore, why are they being paid compensation and given DVD players and televisions to watch? They're supposed to be suffering - that's the point of prison. It's supposed to be a punishment, not a bloody holiday :evil: :evil:

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