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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BeerBad, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Sorry guys but I need to vent spleen before I go to bed.

    This evening I am on a platform at a major train staion in London when a lady drags a large canvas bag with an airport "heavy load" sticker on it. She then turns to walks into a sandwhich bar leaving said bag in the middle of the platform so I call her out and her response is that she is only going to be a minute. I state that if she leaves the bag unattended I will report and she tells to Fox-trot Oscar. I report it to one of the staion staff anyway and she makes out that I am being unreasonable.

    My question is would I have been justified in shooting her 9 times in the head as a possible terrorist? :evil:
  2. You acted correctly Beer-Bad. She was in the wrong. These days it is legitimate to treat her conduct as suspicious and the Police in London's Underground expect require passengers to remain seated or standing next to their baggage.

    So you'd have been justified in shooting her 9 times in the head. As a matelot however I should have thought you'd surgically remove part of her anatomy with a cutlass instead!
  3. Thanks AAC, but I am no chief, only a lowly AB in the guard so i would get SA80 with pointy bit to stick into her. :D
  4. You are totally entitled to place "Nine Rounds Rapid" in the offending party

  5. And one for luck!
  6. I have had the privilege of assisting with the security at Mountbatten Festival of Music on several occasions. For my part it involved searching ladies handbags, and asking gentlemen to pass through the airport type scanner.

    because of the nature of the concert there are lots of veterans and their ladies, and I had never had one word of complaint from ex servicemen who accept security as something that must be endured. However, a few times serving members, officers it must be said, have flashed their ID at me to try and skip the security queues. It is they who should know better.
  7. "Don't you know who I am?"

    "I didn't ask you who you were, I asked to see your ID"
  8. Yeh I love those types!! I like the other one "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO" neither riches or fame is the name of the game.

    Then make the feckers wait longer for being prats!!!

    I remember Queen Elton having a tantrum when asked to use the same scanner at the airport as us common types. The old "DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM" shone forth. It may have been that time of the month?? Bless him!!!

    Back to the original story.

    "She then turns to walks into a sandwich bar"

    I would have shot her dead there and then much better than slow poisoning from railway sandwiches. A humane end is always best.
  9. How could I? You won't show me your ID.
  10. Thats when you want the rubber gloves, very thick fingers and no lubricant!!
  11. We had something like that at work a few months ago. It caused an uproar amongst junior staff. The staff at the gates were told to check the IDs of all junior staff but not senior staff. Ditto searches. People forget of course that the terrorists who crashed the planes into the WTC all came from well off families and all travelled First Class! The very kind of people who are most likely to object to being searched! :evil:
  12. Dunno who you work for, but how can senior staff achieve a position of seniority if they are too stupid to realise that a bomb could be planted in their car/possessions without their knowledge?
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    There was an MCM10 a good few years ago who issued a directive that all ID cards must be checked by QMs prior to allowing people on board. He was the only person denied access to one of "his ships" due to him not being able to produce an ID card. :)
  14. I always thought that you were required by QRRN's to carry your ID card at all times!....serves him right!!
  15. Beer you were 100% in the right and in my opinion, well justified to shoot her in the head.

    However as a possible terrorist, why only 9 times? Forget tapping her in the head with a rifle or pistol mate - you want to brass that bitch up with a belt of 200 on the Gympy. :twisted:

  16. I wish :p I only just managed to get myself 518 qualified (not because of lack of ability) as my branch is not sea going so there is no need for me to ever get my hands on a bang stick. Now if they had argued that I was mentally unfit that would be another matter. :D
  17. This may sound silly, which branch in the RN is not seagoibg?
  18. or even seagoing

  19. I do.And i can believe that the senior staff alluded to are more than able to be stupid! :eek:
  20. Hig, I am in the RNR and and my branch is MTO (Maritime Trade Operations).

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