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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Interesting conversation popped up at the juicer the other night, that being what do you do with your pubes? Being that if I left mine to run amock it'd look like I've got my avatar shoved feet first into a gaping cock wound I tend to go for a number 2 all round then all off on the nutsack with a bic, I've been doing this for about ten years.

    Not only do chicks dig it but it makes your c0ck look bigger too, mine looks about 2 1/2 inches now instead of like an egg in a nest.

    Most of the lasses I spoke to confessed to either a landing strip or all off, and from what I've been ploughing of late it would appear all off is de riguer for the season.

    What's your favoured style? Or do you just prefer the Ken Dodd's head look?
  2. The wife just spits mine into the bin :)
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well, that's one of my questions answered then... 8O :D
  4. That's what she does with mine as well.
  5. And mine.
  6. I wondered where the ginger ones came from 8O
  7. Prefer your daughter myself..
  8. Weeeeeeeaaaaakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My wife usually combs her teeth afterwards,want not,waste not!
  10. I use either of two methods to achieve an all off 'just had chemo' effect. (sometimes known as a 'Goody') The first one I call the Nikki Lauda, it involves a lighter and a can of Mr Sheen. Simply turn the can of Mr Sheen into a mini flamethrower by squirting it onto your mutton dagger and your love spuds through the lighter flame. ALACAZAM!! No more spiders legs!
    The second method is known as the Simon Weston and involves a more direct approach. Simply empty a full can of zippo lighter fluid over your pork sword and kiwi fruits and apply an ignited swan vesta. It sometimes helps to have a cricket bat handy with this second option as you may need to extinguish the flames once the desired effect is achieved.

    Hope this helps........
  11. And I thought a vibrating razor on the chaps felt nice, I bet thats essence, I'm engorged at the very thought.
  12. Night night oppo's...I must away. I can hear the kids kicking up a right fcuking kerfuffle down in the cellar. I need to pay them a visit.........

    Lights out....trousers down....
  13. I visit the vet once a month for a beard trim, my gardener gives me a number two with the old mechanical lawn mower and the local barber does the nether regions on His Sunday Specials Day: Pubes, armpits and snorkel all for £5 plus another £5 for your arse. As I'm not genetically related to any stokers, that saves me £5 a month.
  14. Montigny, biccing your balls is a dangerous thing to do really. I mean honestly, a BIC to your BALLS ffs. I get the hair removal cream on mine
  15. After years of rubbing against ladyboys chins they're used to a bit of rough treatment oppo. I like the element of danger too, makes me rigid.
  16. Hair removal cream?

    In my day we used a Black & Decker Garden Strimmer -
    Reaches those parts etc etc.

  17. Your going up the wrong 'un, I've got sons (well nearly, one was a wafu so it must have been him)
  18. I did Rosie, raised £450 for Hols4Heroes out in the sh1tpit. No video but I can send you a photo of my gleaming scrotum if you wish.
  19. Looks like that dirty cnut MLP may have been there already Rosina.
    Judging by one of the comments at the bottom of the article.
    Monty have you been going by the alias Bill??

    quote..I just had this done and got turned on by it, but was the waxer supposed to rub the lotion all over my erect penis as well ? end quote..
    Posted by bill on 15th Nov 2008 at 10:07

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