Pub comp for H4H again

Here we go again,next weeks Comp in the local inn for the H4H fund is a bit of a broad church so:
Who was the most famous person that ever lived[Jesus doesn't count as most of us don't believe he ever lived]
Darwin[changed World thinking] Einstein[don't understand what he did]Newton [guess it was an enormous contribution]Inventor of Penicillin,TV,Phone etc.
there's lot to choose from but mines already in.
Although it was a team effort Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on to another star body,you can't beat that but we will see.
Hope it raises enough.

I wouldn't be too hasty in discounting JC - the Bible is still a worldwide best seller (although the Virgin Birth/Resurrection accounts don't convince every reader). Plus JC is also recognised as a Prophet by all those Musselmen.

Then there's Communism..........
Waning fast in the western world; but with 20% of the population being Chinee then Karl Marx, Mousey Tongue and Joe Starling cannot be discounted either.

Not very good I'm afraid,we all took turns at choosing a topic,mine was the most famous Homo's and we told this guy that his was too broad a Church for this comp.
In the end we all just donated some cash and forgot about it for a while.
Some regulars said they were becoming competition weary so,although we have raised a real lot of cash,we will take it easy for while.
Shame but I had my doubts about this one.

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