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Wandered into town for the usual pick up of fruit and veg,went into Whetherspoons for a pint of “Pit Pony” newest real ale from the Toon [when I left school and went down the pits for a year I ran pit ponies,they were worked to death and now I feel real sorry for them] but the smell of food when I'm drinking turns me right off, anyway walked down to my local to find!!!it had been sold to a Turkish business man who told me he intends to turn it into a wine bar type of foreign tables outside crap!
Now up here tables and chairs outside generally means eviction as a rule but now my local is shagged.
He asked me if I would still drink there I said about 25 of us won't drink there any more.
He's looked at the balance sheet and thought that's a decent business but losing the core drinkers and having a wine bar with no piano,dartboard,pool table and more importantly a landlord that encouraged us to have competitions for the H4H Forces means it's a loser IMO.
I don't blame anyone for trying to set up a business but I'm sorry that our watering hole is turned into something bloody French.
I'll be deep sixed in the North Sea with a gold ring sewed thru my nostril before I ever eat snails and frogs legs!
Just having a whinge before I'm off to hospital again for an MOT,you can now have a weeks rest from my blethering!
<<I'll be deep sixed in the North Sea....>>

Careful, SF,

We cannot have you mixing it with recent 'bad company', can we now?



Lantern Swinger
Well, there you have it SF. This is the shape of things to come.

Although I am sitting her in the warmth (and incoming humidity) of the far east; I actually own a pub in Eastbourne (with my bro who runs it). He tries to maintain the old type atmosphere but it's very difficult to keep everyone happy. Believe it or not the younger generation demand a 'trendier' and modern atmosphere. We have an outside area 'smokers' and a separate pool room but these are rarely used, Darts just do not happen.

To invest in this business is a massive risk and I do not think that the new proprietor of your 'watering hole' really gives a toss about the regulars as he has to go with local trend. Sad but true.

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