PTSD awareness March

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Hitback, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. This March will be happening in central London on the 22 May 2010. I you would like to attend then please visit the website to get more information.

    The following Petition needs your signatures. Mark and several others from campaigning groups will be delivering this petition on the 22 May 2010. We all know that there are many suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health issues due to their service history. All that is being asked of the MoD and Ministers is to allow for alternative methods of treatment to be used.

    Thank you to the site for its support in advance.


  2. I hope it is to allow alternative methods to be researched and not used until proven effective.

    Hitback, I have emailed you about this before and I really hope the medical side of this has been looked into properly.
  3. If we are talking about 15 years nice, then no it hasn't. Then again nice was set up to confirm medication not methods of alternative treatment not including medication.

    I did email you back last time. The present methods being used are EMDR and CBT or heavy duty medication. Which of the following work at present?

    I agree 100% there needs to be a close study done to ensure the methods being used are ethical and reduce the pain suffered by those with PTSD.

    All the very best

  4. Hitback, I'm not being an arse! I'm just saying that if you're going to take this to Ministerial level then you need to get the facts straight. If you want the Government to spend money on something then there must be the suggestion it will work. If there is no evidence then you should be pushing for more research. The fact that current therapies arn't 100% successful isn't grounds to try something else just for the sake of it. If there is no evidence that these alternative methods are any good then I think the cash would be better invested in finding out what does work.

    This may well be within the remit of NICE - PTSD is a problem amongst civilians as well.
  5. Thanks for the reply. There are enough life studies of those that have gone through certain programmes to shown that it has aided them. We give enough money towards Kings Collage Military Research for very little return. The IoP working for the MoD has more interest in denouncing those suffering from PTSD only to call it PTSR. Trust and respect is a two way street and it's about time our CoC and Ministers understood that.

    I am not trying to be a pain either just coming at this very serious problem from another direction.

    Best Hitback
  6. Not going to dignify most of your posts with too much comment, however I must point out that PTSD is a very narrow diagnostic guideline as set down by ICD10 and DSM IV.

    By widening the description to PTSR, more people can be included and helped.

    I have no idea why you are so angry (or indeed if you are angry though this is the impression I get) but please DON'T give everyone else the impression that Defence Mental Health Services do nothing to help. We are highly trained, switched on people and from my experiece are not limited by either diagnostic labels or single treatment regimes.

    I have always been a great beleiver in the idea that when I get issued with "standardised patients" with "standardised problems" I will use "standardised treatments". Till then I will continue to use whatever works for the individual I am talking to; EMDR, CBT, SFT, guided visualisation, practical problem solving, whatever it takes.


    (and yes I am the P-F who asked you questions on E-Goat)
  7. My God - I may be wrong, but I think P-F and I are in agreement for the first time ever!
  8. Don't get too used to it. I am an RMN and therefore paid to argue with Doctors.

    It is nice to see you thinking the right way for a change though :lol:


    Consider yourself theraped!!
  9. Thanks for the reply, very nice of you to get involved. I don't believe I said that the DMHS did nothing at all. Those words are yours, so: For what purpose would you make that statement?

    On what tariff under the AFCS is PTSR?
    On what tariff under the AFCS is PTSD?

    Under what part of British Military Law could you prevent a client diagnosed with PTSD/PTSR from being dishonourably / Admin discharged from service due to violent, excessive consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs, lack of drive to MCP? I am asking this for a very important reason by the way. Which I will use in context with others my reply.

    The reason for this post was to highlight the March in London on the 22 May to raise awareness over alternative therapy. The website has been given so please feel free to take a look around it. Though I have very little to do with the March, I do believe there are other options open to the treatment of PTSD or PTSR?



    Well done for using e-goat but I believe I replied to you on that site. Welcome to this discussion though.



    Dear All,
    The march is being moved back to a date in September, there are many reasons to why it's being moved but the main reason is that we will be also launching the Foundation to help former HM forces.

    I am sorry to those that have book accomadation but it has all happened last thing this evening, I was not told till about 5pm. I am sorry for the change in dates.

    Will keep you all updated as soon as I know any more

    many thanks Mel

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