Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by McHammock, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Thought it best to start this to avoid too much topic creep following some posts in the COMMARRES (R) topic.

    Anyway, Personal Training Plans are obviously still being grossly misued.
    They should be a working documentto help DOs/STOs & Jack to get to TPS/OPS/advancement asap.

    They should NOT be set in stone. They are a PLAN & plans can change !

    How do you think they should be used ?
    How do you think they are being misused ? (persec permiting)
  2. Hmm yes PTPS.........???

    Weve been fed the usual line that if its not on your PTP your not doing it....simple...which means short notice changes to your PTP can create divisional snags..mainly cause DO's turning up on a drill night is as rare as rocking horse shit...!!!.

    However the fact of the matter is that so many courses get cancelled, changed (not due to us I may add) or courses at the start of the year that just arent relevant anymore that a PTP is almost guaranteed to change.

    I would suggest that before DO's and the heirachy start banging on about PTP's that they deal with more important issues such as good value, relevant and enjoyable training.

    A PTP should state at its base level at the start of the training year what is required from that rating in order to gain either advancement/TPS and OPS. This would help with the countless questions I still get from my oppos "what do I need to do next". The compiling of this document would be greatly enhanced and would actually mean something if my previous point about relevant training was paid serious attention to..!!
  3. Dickied's right. We're always being preached to about PTPs, yet my unit can't even keep to a simple drill night training programme!! Add to that the fact that GSSR is about as stable as a tin shack in an earthquake, you forever need to change it - I'm old seaman branch en-route to LH and I'm still not 100% sure what I'm supposed to do to advance - the goalposts keep moving.

    Last year I knew I had to do ISSC and Efficient deckhand, as well as finish off my old Ops(sea) task book. Now ISSC has gone, we do BSSC every 4 years instead of 3, and efficient deckhand is no longer required plus I believe we've gone past the point where the old rules still apply in which case I guess I'm going to have to do the new LH task book (if and when it ever arrives!!)

    When the programme's sorted, I'm sure we'll all diligently fill in our PTPs, but until then, I for one cannot get excited by them.
  4. I have my PTP on computer at work and just update it as and when I fill in an RNR16 for something that isn't on it. It gets e-mailled to the Training Office and that seems to be the end of it (cc DO of course)
  5. The last i'd heard was that task books were going to be a thing of the past, anyone know anything about this?
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    In which specialisation? CIS has just issued Interim Task Books for AB1, LH and PO - why "Interim"? Simple. we're waiting for the formal RN training design process to complete which starts with a job scalar, leads to a statement of operational performance (OPS) which is then subject to training needs analysis which results in the production of the training material which includes Task Books.

  7. sorry flags should have said GSSR

  8. by that i meant GSSR (GSSR)


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