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  1. I have wanted to joined the Royal Navy for a long time time now, but as a PTI. My understanding is you can't apply as a direct entry but you can transfer from your current branch later in service.

    Does anybody know how long you have to be in service before you can apply for a transfer? How does the application and training process work? Would all branches allow you to transfer or is it best out to start is a certain branch to ensure a more likely transfer over t PTI?

    Thankyou in advance. I know you can go directley in as a PTI in the RAF but my heart is set on the Navy so i'm trying to work it all out before I commit myself.

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Once you have the required level of tan!!!
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  3. And you've mastered 'Mirror hogging 101'.
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    And completed the "hair gel" course.
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  5. I might fail the hair gel course...considering my lack of hair. However, full marks for tan and mirror hogging :wink:

    Application complete?
  6. Followed by 'Muscle rippling for beginners'
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Start practicing walking around your local area, with a clipboard in your hand looking important.
  8. Must add Fella's to the end of every sentence.
  9. A considerable part of the PTIs day is taken up with styling, applying 'product' and admiring the flowing locks.
    Lack of hirsuitness will be noted at the interview stage and your only hope is to beat the record for slipping into a pair of gleaming white starched shorts 2 sizes too small and then screaming "On your spots....Go!".
    this is currently held by an RM PTI, Cpl Jeremy Bladderstock and stands at 2.32 seconds.
    Strat practicing now.
  10. Wearing tight white shorts and not having your ID card on you
  11. Whilst i'm loving the banter, I promise i'm in it for the right reason! I'm not one for showing off or looking pretty. It's really what I want to do and know i'm good at.

    So any help with the above questions would be appreciated.
  12. You hair will be OK, as you will have a god given right not to wear headgear.
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Think about applying for a job with the local council refuse department for some work experience.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The problem is that as a recruiter we have to be honest & not raise false hopes & expectations.

    The bitter truth is that there is categorically no guarantee whatsoever of becoming a Navy PTI & those wanting to become a PTI above all else should not join the Royal Navy if they wish to become a PTI above their desire to serve afloat.

    Probably not what you want to hear, but it's honest.

    If you join in another trade & don't like it, the odds are you'll leave a bitter & disappointed individual, so it's essential you join in a trade that you are genuinely interested in - AND prepared to undertake to the best of your ability in the event the opportunity to become a PTI does not materialise.

    Those who are genuinely fit enough to become PTI's are probably better off joining a physically demanding job such as Diver or Royal Marine Commando as they will still get the daily physical demands of the job.

    The irony of all this is that although PTIs are fit, their day to day job involves physically training others who may not actually have the same level of enthusiasm for being fit.
  15. Thanks Ninja. I appreciate the honest post.

    How do you actually apply for a PTI though? Whether it happens or not i'm interested in knowing how I would go about looking into it in service?
  16. A blue clipboard wits. Black at a push. It must also have nothing of any value or relevance attached to it.

    In addition to JFH's comment about use of the word 'fellas', it is absolutely essential to point using your whole hand.

    By some incredible interpretation of regulations at a certain Phase I training establishment in South East Cornwall (no further clues) designer stubble is considered acceptable alongside the excessive use of hair gel.

    They used to be boxers and rugby players - now it seems to be synchronised swimming and netball that fill their time when not avoiding divisions or wetting the tea.
  17. My bold, also my reference to never carrying their I.D. cards
  18. Exactly WreckerL.

    I've always tried to avoid being 'branchist' as I don't know in detail what other branches do so don't feel I'm qualified to criticise. *cliche mode on* and back at the end of the 80's one of my best mates was a clubswinger *cliche mode off*.

    Having said that I'm afraid that, in my opinion, the shower I see these days (don't tell MLP anyone for Christ's sake) think they are a maverick law unto themselves and I feel that they are an unnecessary waste of budget.

    The job could be covered by an ADQUAL.
  19. So as a general rule....PTI's are not well liked?
  20. Have you thought of becoming a RM PTI, i remember when i left the corps the PTI branch was undermanned. No doubt things have changed since, and to be honest as Ninja said if you were to join as a Navy PTI you are gonna end up trying to get people fit who cant be arsed, at least with a RM PTI every recruit or trained rank is of a decent /high standard and actually wants to get thrashed.

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