Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by robbo9, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. how hard is it to become a pti? :?:
  2. For the RN it is a side way entry branch. You have to have served 3yrs within the RN before, you need a namit of 3:3, to be honest I don't know about the fitness aspect of it though.
  3. The PT branch is sideways entry, meaning that you have to join as something else, and transfer over to the PT branch after fulfilling a number of qualifying conditions, such as time served, NAMET Score etc. You will also have to have reached a certain level of training within your source branch, and have the neccesary reccomends. Then you will be able to start thinking about the selection proccess. Then you have to think about getting manning clearance. The whole process can take over 12 months.

    As I've mentioned before, whilst this site is great for getting a feel for the RN, for current and conclusive information on jobs in the RN then get yourself to the RN website/AFCIO.
  4. The NAMET of 3:3 seems a bit over the top - I'd have thought they just needed a 5:5 - the equivalent of the "QELR" (Qualified Educationally for Leading Rate). Maybe just a way of decreasing the pile of applications though.
  5. One other thing, don't go 'warfare' as the chances of getting released to go PTI are very slim. Mind you, once your in a bracnh and onboard ship or land based, take an interest in the PT dept. It will go on your records and can help in some cases!

    3:3 is the level for most transfers now e.g. PHOT, PTI, MP's but maybe thats just a sideways thing.

    Edited: I should of added this was back at the start of 2004.
  6. No longer the case. But thanks for backing up my point abou the importance of getting current advice.
  7. Why would you want to be a PTI?Any idiot can run,its just like walking but faster!Seriously,why not give the Medical Branch a go?I did,when i left i did my RGN training on the strength of my service as an MA,then got a job as a Drugs rep pulling in excess of £30k a year plus bonuses.
  8. There was a dci once 'Sideways entry into the WRNS'
    Don't know where the pti fitted in!
  9. is that namit as in inglish or namet as in english?blelieved it stood for naval mathemetics and english test?
  10. I believe it's NAMET ship mate, however you only actually have to have English at grade C and one other now to be 0:0.

    So English and metalwork would be OK

    Is it me or is it strange that to be an officer you need 5 GCSE's - what's more is this true? If so, I believe you need English, Maths and 3 others - can they be needlework, metalwork and general studies?
  11. For officers now you need UCAS points (about 5 GCSE and 2 A levels or what ever new scheme the Goverment has dreamed up this week).

    Mind you that is only an initial filter and the AIB 3 day selection course is where the real test is done.

    For PTI it is sideways entry but there are plenty of people applying. Once you are in and on first draft get to know your PTI. Play lots of sports etc. I am not saying it is a closed shop but the more people in the PTI world you know the easier it is.
  12. So what about UY or SUY? I thought if you were serving already, say as a senior rate, you only needed 5?

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