PT at Raleigh for females


I have a female friend considering joining up and is curious about the physical side of basic training.

Having looked at the fitness requirements and noticing that women get at least 3 minutes longer to complete the 2.4km and have lower requirements for the body weight exercises at the PJFT and PRNC, she would like to know if men and women undergo separate physical training, or if you do complete it together then how is a female recruit who may be significantly less 'fit' than the male recruits supposed to keep up when being put through the exact same training?

I think she may be concerned with just scraping through the PRNC standards only to be out of her depth at Raleigh.


Lantern Swinger
Everyone does phys together and someone has to be last. As long as you meet the requirements there is nothing to worry about. As long as an individual gives everything they have, the PTIs are normally 'happy'.

Why are you the one asking this question though, and not her?

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