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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by SAM_The_Man_Dicosta, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. :p

    C'mon everybody, let's here some of your funny Pt 5 entries that you may have seen or read or heard about !

    ie: Unfamiliar noise coming from port ecu !

    Port ecu ground run carried out, noise now familiar !
  2. "something loose in cockpit"

    something tightened up in cockpit.

    "autopilot erratic at 5,000 feet"

    Difficult to check whilst aircraft on ground

    "friction levers difficult to move"

    Thats why they are called friction levers
  3. Pedantic mode ON...

    Shouldn't it be Part 3 entries now?

    ...Pedantic mode OFF

  4. Port engine missing, after a quick search, port engine found on port wing.
  5. "Engine made a loud noise at 10'000 ft"
    CA: Jacked aircraft to 10k, could not duplicate gripe.

    "Noise in port engine sounds like little man with hammer."
    CA: Took hammer away from little man.

    "Bombs on stations 1 & 4 refused to drop."
    CA: Replaced ACU, wrote said named weapons up for dereliction of duty.
  6. "Auto-land feels bumpy on Touchdown."

    -"Auto-land not fitted to this Aircraft."

    Think it's part 1 entries now, unless it's changed again this year.
  7. Part 1 you plonker, if it were a Part 3 it would just have a snow clearance number ;)
  8. Seen in an FA2 700C.

    Panel 51 proud of rest of airframe.

    (BZ to rest of airframe)
  9. Post night flying sortie on 849:

    Loud howl heard when obs 2 plugged into intercomm.

    Lt [email protected]%%*ngs no longer authorised to fly during full moon.
  10. cant remember the fault but was cleared by

    "stick to pedal interface unit erratic in operation, line replacement unit sent back to workshops"
  11. AL5 Tank Half empty

    AL5 tank half full...!!

    and of course, the old favourite.. "Windscreen covered in dead bugs"... "Live bugs placed on demand".
  12. we have serious ones but i love the pinky fav. functional carried out and assessed s once switched on
    or once volume set to a readable level
  13. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    'Whining Noise in Cockpit'

    Pilot removed :D
  14. finally somewhere to put this

    -RadAlt not working, probably!

    -RadAlt functionally tested, probably the best rad alt in the world

    -2hz vibration felt through P2 seat rail

    -Pilots ass to be retuned to 2R
  15. I love these entries.

    these are 100%

    'Canopy too stiff to open' Obviously not if your writing this!

    and by the other watch M1

    'Evidence of hydraulic leak on port outrigger jack' I was so tempted to close it with evidence removed :)

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