psychrometric test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ca1907, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. i have my psychrometric test on the 17th nov, was reading through some forums, is there a minimum pass mark for the reasoning and mechanical parts? has i have read that there isnt one, its just maths and english you have to get at least 10 correct

  2. Troll through this section, page 2 your subject has been discussed before.
    If you are really lucky someone might have posted some sensible remarks :D
  3. There is a minimum pass mark for the reasoning and mechanical tests. For Royal Marines, it's 40%. 50% will generally get you into a lot of branches. If you fail one test, you have to re-take all the tests again.

    You should aim to get 15 right.
  4. Aim to get them ALL right. End of discussion.
  5. Never heard of a psychrometric test before, does it involve some sort of measure of one's metal knowledge?

    I know the Navy do a perfectly acceptable psychometric test however. :wink:
  6. A little knowledge is dangerous. You've been standing in the wrong queue.
  7. Get your hands on some psychometric books from your local library, is all I did. People I did my test with found that the BBC Bitesize website also proved helpful.
  8. I was talking in terms of a pass. 15/30 would be enough to pass

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