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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ca1907, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. id just like to know whats the minimum score you have to get in the rt test? and the score for the marines? thanks
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The lowest I've seen is 22 correct out of 120, although a colleague assures me he marked one applicant's paper with only 11 correct. My belief is that if you simply answer "A" for every question, you should get 24 correct (20%), going on averages, so in order to score lower you have to know all the correct answers in order to avoid them. If you score below 40% across all 4 sections you have failed.

    For Royal Marines you are advised to aim for 100% but no lower than 50% in each of the four sections in order to have viable alternative RN trades available should you fail an aspect of RM Commando selection.

    Can't give exact figures sorry, would have to kill you & eat my computer because it's classified "UK Naafi Cosmic".

    Or something.

    Edited for duff spelling innit.
  3. someone actually managed to score 22, did they get wheeled in to lick the windows clean and end up sitting the RT by accident? How does someone that bone even get to the stage where the RN is willing to waste a few sheets of A4 on them?
  4. The OP can't spell "Psychometric" :lol:

    I had a lad in my group during the post-test questionnaire asking "What's an ethnic minority?". Cue dead silence and the entire room and the AFCO staff (can't remember his position) doing the old 'slow-look round'. I believe he was the only one in the room applying for RM and it was funny as anything listening to the AFCO chap trying to explain it to him :D 8O
  5. There was a guy in mine who was, in all truth, unsure what day it was. Also thought Dartmouth "might be in Wales". He failed.
  6. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    The test itself is not that hard but it is time pressured so make sure you answer fast and if anything does hold you up make your best guess and then move on to the next one that hopefully you do know, you can always go back to the ones that you were not sure about when you finish the rest.

    There are psycometric test books available so if you want practice get hold of one of these.

    The Chief at the AFCO told me that the best result he had ever seen was 119 out of 120 and that the single mark was dropped on a question about wiring a plug (with moulded plugs on everything the newbies don't know what the inside of plug looks like).

    Make sure to answer everything and good luck.
  7. So I take it they joined the army... :lol:
  8. Don't sweat the actual score, just revise hard [especially mechanical comprehension, that one nearly caught me out on mine], do your best, and be thankful if you pass.
  9. RO77, which careers office did you sit your test? it wasnt newcastle was it?
  10. Along the same lines there was a bird in mine who asked how to spell Middlesbrough, even though thats where she lived for 18 years. She failed too funnily enough...........
  11. When I took mine, the AFCO obviously knew who was going to pass or fail before we even started, because there was two lads there, one wanted to be a ch...cook, one a marine, both failed.
    You know the examples you do before every section? They had trouble on those and basically didn't even understand what the test was. One was walking up the stairs behind me and me making general conversation was like, ''oh you're here for the psychometric test too?''
    Him: ''The what? Do you do that to get in the marines, cos I'm good at the physical side but I never went to school it's sh17 innit''.
  12. Nope, was in Scotland ;)

    Not that we're fick or anything..

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