Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by brownie86, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. What did you all wear to the test? Or what is best to wear?

    I do expect some silly answers aswell :lol:
  2. I'll start you off then: clothes.

    These generally cosist of coverings for the feet, legs, arms and torso. Head coverings are optional.
  3. Berry, knicks and flip flops!
  4. I just wore white adidas trackies, blue nike trainers, a black puffer jacket and a red adidas cap and left my 2 big sleepers in my ear.... dont worry mate but I did tuck my gold medallion on my chain under my coat so make sure you dont go with a medallion out!!
  5. Banyan rig if possible, failing that full foulies negative steamin batts
  6. I wore the wife's best going out tog's if that's any help. Oh, and the mask, had em falling all over the place in the office.
  7. just had my test the day, i went done the shirt and tie route, first impressions.
  8. ha ha ha some great ideas here but think whiteknight is right, first impressions, shirt and tie it is
  9. Shirt and tie will be just fine ....... but make sure that you leave your knob hanging out

    :D :D
  11. I just wore normal clothes, everyone else there was in jeans and t-shirt, apart from one guy going for RFA, who turned up late wearing a suit, but I think he had just come staright from work. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in.
  12. I went in a suit, so did 2 others. A few in jeans and a few in trackies. Where whatever you want.
  13. I wore, jeans, shoes, shirt and a smart top, others were suited down to trackies and trainers.
  14. I wore a suit, and so did a couple of other lads. I felt like it was a bit unnecessary being all dressed up. But then at the end I was taken to a room with another lad to be told we'd passed. He was dressed pretty smart, so I'm glad I hadn't come in every-day clothes.

    Conclusion: it really can't hurt, in the slightest, to be the smartest chap there.

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