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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Molliehughes95, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. i have my tests tomorrow (22nd april 2013) and i am seriously worried i have revised so much but im still very uneasy and i really want to pass i'd just like to know how difficult are these questions they ask you and a tip where i can get in some extreme revision time tonight on what i could be doing that would help me out! would appreciate some response...thankyou
  2. Too late tonight, get your head down and have a good nights sleep and reeeellllaaaaxxxx.
  3. okkk it's just verrrry nerve-wracking! i shall take you're advice though! thank you :)
  4. Did you do the practice booklet? The tests are pretty much the same.

    In addition to the practice booklet, my only tip would be to revise some basic GCSE level maths, long division and multiplication and fractions.

    To be perfectly honest, the test is pretty easy if you go in level headed and relaxed, hardest part is time management, if you start to panic you'll quickly get bogged down and run out of time.

    Good luck.
  5. take it easy, good luck! P.s - Where have you got your revision material from? Cheers ;)
  6. okay good ideaaa! and i always get myself all at it so i just need to chill! thankyou!
  7. Don't take too long on a question, move on if you need too.
    Don't worry about getting a couple wrong (there are 120 or so of them)
    Finish as many as you can as carefully but quickly as you can and come back to the rest at the end. Guess them if time is very low, you don't get marks taken away and you may get a some right.
  8. thankyouuu! and i had the revision booklet then sent out to me and i've also been doing some online stuff!
  9. good point! so how many questions roughly are there and how long because i've read something but i think i may be wrong now! 120 questions you say?
  10. 30 - Reasoning - 9 mins
    30 - Verbal - 9 mins
    30 - Numeracy - 16 mins
    30 - Mech Comp - 10 mins
  11. okay thankyou that's brilliant! wish me luck guyssss! :pl:
  12. Already been mentioned, but make sure you leave 30 seconds at the end to just randomly guess the rest if you run out of time... for me I found taking my own stopwatch helped a lot to time manage.
  13. that's actually a really good idea! thank you i might do that :)
  14. Look, chill. Take your lucky bunny and just do it.

    It's too damn late to worry about anything now.

    Last week - yep - worry time left. Now!!! Go to bed with or whoever makes you feel good and have a good nights kip.

    Oh - good luck, sounds like you wont need it anyway but let us know how you got on!
  15. i know! i feel as though i'm prepared i'm just a huuuuge fretter dude! everything big/important worries me ;) but i'll take you're advice and go to bed! thank you! and i will don't worry! :D
  16. So did you pass or what?
  17. She's either bladdered in a bar celebrating or bladdered in a bar in deep depression.
  18. Either way, she had a good night.

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  19. i was 2 points off! :( got every single question that i answered right all 30 of visual all 30 on reasoning and all 30 on mechanical don't ask me how! hahaha but i only answered 10/30 on the maths one (weakest subject ever!) and if i'd of had enough time to answer like 3 more i'd be in so 12 months to wait! thanks for you're help though guys!
  20. Should have just randomly ticked!

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