Psychometric tests

Hi guys,

Nice to meet you all, my first post.

I had my psychometric tests today, a lot tougher than expected but can't really complain. I am applying as a Officer in the Fleet Air Arm.

So basically they called me afterwards and the C.A. basically told me i failed the exam but they would like me back for a Interview/Fitness Test.

He stated i was ONE mark off in Literacy, and if i missed another one they wouldn't have called me back and i will have to really impress in the interview, but all the other 3 parts were good especially Maths, and i scored higher than most applicants today (trying to make me feel better i think)

So basically i'm finding it hard to know where i stand, obviously i will really have to impress in the interview, but providing that goes well, does this mean i am way down in the pecking order if a position does open in the FAA.

I'm just a bit confused because they've asked me back even though i failed a section of the exam, i can't find any other examples of who this has happened too on this site.

Any advice would be most welcome, would it be better to wait 12 months and take the test again to improve on my result? How will it work from here?

I'm just a bit lost....



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It may well be the case that because you failed to meet the grade as an Officer, the opportunity is available to join as a Rating.

At risk of deflating your bubble- "missing the grade by one point" interpreted another way, could mean you got nearly 50% wrong in one of the four sections.

either way, I'm sure all will become clear at interview.

best of luck.
If they allow you to pursue officer aircrew then your psychometrics will have no more bearing on your selection?

If you struggled with the psychometrics you will definitly struggle with the FATs. Maths is the most important component, but there was at least 2 challenging verbal reasoning tests at Cranwell and you have to write an essay at AIB.
Hey thanks everyone,

I did struggle a little with the literacy ones, but i did rush through them a bit to make i answered them all in the allocated time.

Providing i do get into the AIB i am happy as long as the RT's have no future bearing on my career.

It was a bad day thats all, having tonsillitis really didn't help either :)

Any more advice/morale boosters would be appreciated

Thanks again
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