Psychometric testing

Hi all,

Im about to do my test at the end of the week and have been practising alot but its safe to say i struggle with maths and have been scoring around the 16 mark on the mock tests iv been doing, will this be a high enough mark on the day to pass bareing in mind i want to be a warfare officer?



No that will not be enough. Also, if you are struggling with maths at this stage then you will find the maths required at AIB much harder. I don't want to dishearten you but your spelling is also quite poor, you will need to improve your English/communication before AIB.

I can't remember my RT very well as I did it a while ago but it was pretty basic. I remember long multiplication, basic angles, basic addition/subtraction/multiplying/division, percentages (whole numbers) and some rounding of decimals. Now I also struggle with maths but for an AIB candidate the RT should pose little problems. If I could offer any advice then I would say go over GCSE Bitesize and use Google to find hundreds of practice tests. You haven't got a lot of time but a quick browse in Waterstones should unearth a heap of psychometric books- some have been published specifically with RN/Army/RAF entrance tests in mind.

I have recently gone through the application process so any questions just ask. Good luck for your test.
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