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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by blondiie, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. :idea:


    Got mine on Friday and been using some books to help revise,

    Yes I know people say It Is just common sence, but I am blonde therefore...well need I go on ?

    Just thought I'd share with other newbies what they are;

    More Psychometric Testing By Phillip Carter & Ken Russel

    IQ & Aptitude Tests By Phillip Carter

    Succeed at Psychometric Testing, Practise tests for the armed forces entry level By Bernice Walmsley

    Have to say the first two are pretty hard, but they definatly make you think ect and also include alot of maths If your not so good at that!

    The Final book is very useful has whole RN test inside It, with times & answers. It also gives you a rough idea of where you need to improve and where you should just revise normally with. It also got the RAF & ARMY entry tests glad I'm not joining RAF some actuall ridiculous questions.

    Hope this helps some people because I would love to have been able to find something on Psychometric testing when I first applied. I did what you call, using your loaf.

    Blondiie :)
  2. If you spend a little time on any of those books mentioned you will stand a good chance of improving your score. The Times also publish some IQ/Psychometric Tests, which are usually available from public libraries.

    Bare in mind that there are only so many types of IQ test, so familiarity with them will make you more comfortable.

    The test is easier than the IQ tests in the books, but will be made more difficult with the short time made available to you.

    Most IQ tests do not cover mechanical comprehension, so make sure you are familiar with how to change a plug and a few more practical elements of the test.
  3. Yeah I also have The Times one but didn't really find it relevant & It was unbelivably hard, had words In there I didn't even know existed!

    Well I can do the RN book you are given when you apply without getting a question wrong and when I first got It I definatly didn't do to well. With being out of school for 2 years and working behind a bar my brain had truly gone to jelly, but thank god for these books.

    My lads a stoker so he's helped loads on the mechanical bit giving me advice and testing me on things he'l think will matter.

    But I'm feeling pretty confident and relived I'm finally getting it.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The books mentioned are indeed good revision for the Recruiting Test.

    Let's hope the advice to those that follow is not premature.

    Good luck.
  5. Are you being cryptic, or am I just pissed? :D
  6. are you being sarcastic Ninja?
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Cryptic, sarcastic, helpful, it's all the same to me :wink:
  8. You seem the type.
  9. Try this website They have loads of free tests but also more if you want to pay £11
    I am notoriously rubbish at theses tests and for once stumped up the reasonable price for all the tests availabe (their is loads) and just practiced lots to get the hang of them....I'm still rubbish at them but probably not as much as before and defo helped in the AIB as I had developed a quicker way of getting my answers down which really helps
  10. "your lad"Is that your son?
  11. Blondiie let us know how it goes after Friday!

    Best of luck, hope the books work i've just purchased the last one you quoted :)
  12. V8topcat. No, boyfriend. Sorry different dialect where I live.

    Will do.

    3 days. GAH nervous or what !
  13. Scary stuff! mines 10 days after yours eeek
  14. Good luck with yours too then !

    What are you hoping of going In as?
  15. good luck all with your RT's i got mine a week today. keep us updated how you's get on...hope you do well

  16. Thank you :)

    Aiming for MA, what about yourself??

  17. Good luck as well then Joe!

    What are you hoping to go in as??
  18. Tell you the truth im still not 100% as to what i want to go in as...wouldnt mind AET but dont want to get my hopes up, not too confident that ill get the required just aiming at FAA @ the closet afco is bristol...i live in not far from you.
  19. I'm hoping to go in as a writer, either that or coms. I'm just going to see what I get in test.

    Any one know required pass mark for these two jobs? I know its a 50% pass mark in general, but other branches have different requirments.

  20. Well thats the thing isnt it, anything i would be grateful at lol....
    Wraaay Bristol! Nah Swindon is just a lil down the M4, what time is your test? Be a killer if its 9am in the morning though lol.

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