Psychometric Test

hi all, I've been reading through this forum for a few weeks now and decided to sign up.

I have my application form sitting in front of me (it's been there for about a week now) I am too nervous about failing the psychometric. I can't really afford to wait 12 months to re-take it.

I have used the practice booklet and only got 2 questions wrong with about 1 minute 30 to spare in each section (The two wrong questions being in mechanical reasoning)
This gave me confidence at first until I started reading conflicting information on these website. Some say the booklet is useless and nothing like the test while others say it's exactly like the test just with digits being replaced?

After doing relativly well on the practice booklet, how likely is it to do as well on the actual test?

I'm never usually a nervous person but for some reason I can't shake the fear of failing this test.

Thanks for any help guys


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