Psychometric Test

Discussion in 'RFA' started by matt1984, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Got my Psychometric Test tomorrow. Any tips!!??
  2. Relax, go in there positive minded and believe that you can pass. Get a good nights sleep tonight, and when you wake up have a good breakfast. Good luck :)
  3. Get there with enough time to try and relax, and so that you don't feel rushed. Try not to spend too long on any one question, I found it easier to go onto the next question rather than getting bogged down, then came back to it at the end of the section. Good luck!
  4. The grated cheese on the chilli is the main one I think.
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  5. How did you do on your test and what's it like, i've got mine in 9 days and im shiting it

  6. Me? I did really well.
  7. I passed it.
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  8. I did okay too. Thanks for asking.
  9. well done, is it as daunting as its made out to be ?
  10. Can't remember, did mine in 1973.
  11. 67 for me, just scraped in.
  12. It's a fairly simple test to be honest. As long as you can count, read and have some common sense you'll do alright.

    When I did it there was about ten of us. At the end the PO said he'd let us know one at a time how we get on and asked the first lad to join him in another room. After a few minutes he came in to the rest of us to say we'd passed. Even the girl with bright blue skinny jeans and orange hair passed.
  13. Haha, awryt thanks for the info
  14. I passed mine in in the summer of 1975, as mentioned before numeracy, English, and funny little mechanical problems. Joined up about six months later and stayed in as long as I could. Best job ever, finishing as a CPO Marine Engineering Artificer - now called CPOET(ME) I think!

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