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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ahal89, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    After sending off my application on the 25th July, yesterday i recieved my letter for me to go and sit the psychometric test in Liverpool on the 6th September. :)

    I've been religiously scrounging the forum on recommended tests but can't find many paper based tests. I've looked at all the links which people are encouraging others to visit, but i want to try ones closer to the real thing... Can anyone recommend any ideal books or paper based tests to complete? (I'd rather lock myself in my room and practice this way)

    Also, does anyone have any idea as to the pass rate for officer at the moment?

    Thanks in advance everyone! x
  2. Please tell me that you can print the versions out that you find on here! :)
  3. Hi, I used the book 'succeed at psychometric testing by Bernice Walmsley' which helped me pass the tests. I still have it if you want it, no use to me now. :-D
  4. If you don't mind that would be great Tom19! Please :) --- Thanks!
  5. If you go to the Library, you will find an array of Psychometric Testing books.

    You will have access to more books than you would usually bother to buy, and you get to save money to spend on rent boys and heroin (both acceptable hobbies in the Royal Navy).
  6. Last time I did Psychometric Testing I bought a couple of books, photocopied the pages, and completed them repeatedly until I could do them in my sleep. I got through but have since been told that if you over-practice it can have the opposite effect. Not entirely certain how that can be but I do recall that they work through a couple of examples with you before you go into each test just to ensure that you know what it required.

  7. Cheers cúnt! I have been to the library here and they only have the one book! Only one in the borough. So I have that until I aquire more, and yeah ha rent boys as long as they're straight no to the heroin! ;) only

    SILVER_FOX, that's my plan but wanted to do it as cost free as possible! Is there any books you can recommend? I will be hammering through and practicing hard, because some of the examples I've looked at are a little challenging. But thats the plan anyhow! That's good to know about the example but I could see myself panicking if they seem hard. Should be ok I hope :)

  8. ahal89

    Did you peruse the RT thread for any extra bits and pieces?
  9. Pm me your address mate.
  10. The RT pass for Officer has recently changed, so there is now a pass score for all 4 sections (Numeracy, Literacy, Verbal Reasoning and Mechanical Comprehension). The scores for Numeracy and Literacy (which were the two previously required, have gone up slightly).
    If you have a pass at GCSE (A*-C) in Maths and English, the test shouldn't prove difficult. The other two just need a bit of common sense, particularly the Mech Comp.

    Best of luck....
  11. Thanks talking baggage, right ok. Yeah I have gcses all c and above and just completed my degree in business. Just haven't done any psychometric tests for a while. And wanting to pass at a high standard too.

    Thankyou! X
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As TB states, without wishing to worry potential Officers unduly, the RT score for Officers has increased & it is far from uncommon for graduates to underscore - particularly in the mechanical comprehension section.

    Best of luck.
  13. Ok, thanks for letting me know Ninja_Stoker, i'll reply on this thread let you know how i got on when i've been, and how it was for anyone else who may read ^_^

    Thanks for the luck!
  14. The AFCO gave me one that was more than adequate.
  15. That would be pretty ideal but, when i went the guy i spoke to was a RMC, he had no clue about the RN :/ So didn't offer any advice other than to apply for the psychometric test and my local centre is a good hour drive. I suppose i could ring and ask for one and pick it up. I wasn't aware they could offer a booklet.
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    What's RMC???
  17. Ronald MacDonald Corps.
  18. haha! He was a Royal Marine Commando! He knew naff all and just gimme the papers for the application to sit the test! Anyway i've been for the booklet and it was the RN advisor! At long last!

    I walked in and theirs always about 7 Army personnel.... Why!? Their faces when i walked to the RN advisor was a picture :p
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    One to read, one to write, one to talk, one to listen, one to guard his oppos, one to turn the computer on, one to turn it off, .... it was ever thus.
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  20. Hahaha!! I love it :) - One to make a brew, one to greet, one to perve, one to scratch ones arse, the list is endless :D

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