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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bigtrousersnake, May 11, 2009.

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  1. firstly, i just wanted to say hello, as i am new to rum ration :), secondly, i would like to ask for advice, i have my psychometric test on friday, and wondered if it is required of me to turn up smartly dressed, or just casually, my suit is currently too big for me by 4 inches around the waist (i have lost that in 4 months :)
    so i have no suit, but i get my wages next friday so a suit is the first thing on my shopping list
  2. Always dress smartly, you dont have to wear a uit, you can wear some smart jeans, shirt, maybe a blazer and smart shoes, but at all cost dont wear tracksuit bottoms.
  3. I wore a suit for mine, always helps to make a good impression. There will be people dressed in all sorts of random attire though, so suits are by no means compulsory
  4. As Daffy has said, make an effort, it will be noted, not to say you should go out and buy a suit, wear a shirt, or wear your old suit with a belt on, they're looking for effort not the person with the best cut suit. Next best thing you can wear is a smile and remain confident, it will all be noted.
  5. Hello

    When i went for my RT test, i just wore jeans and a top, no point of splashing out just for this test, but first impresions always count!", however you will need a suit for your interview
  6. Oh god, thanks so much for asking this question!! .... i've got my psychometric test tomorrow :s ... and that was something I did wonder, although I was just going to wear jeans and a nice top, but now Im thinking of wearing my grey trousers & blouse, would that be too over the top?, I mean others are right though, better to make a a good first impresson!.

    Also (I hope you dont mind me posting a question onto your topic lol!), but is there some form of interview also when taking the test?, even though it said on my letter it was just the test, I'm wondering why they want me to bring all of my documents i.e. passport, qualifications certificates, birth certificates etc!?, I would of thought they would only require these in an actual interview?, or is it just so they can be reassured I am who I say I am?. I hope thats not a really silly question & I'm just being a bit thick lol.




    and Hi back!, I'm new here too!, loving the site so far though, really helping a lot. All the best with your test on Friday!! :)
  7. I wore my good suit with no tie. I'm glad as 2 other lads did the same, and some were just in trackies and jeans.

    The closest I got was my recruiter taking me to the office, told me I passed and gave me some forms.

    Just so they know who you are early on I guess. They take them away to photocopy them, and you get them back after the test. I didn't have my passport until the interview.

  8. Trousers and blouse it is for me then!! hehe. Thanks for the feedback there!! much appreciated!! :)
  9. thank you everyone for helpful comments, because my suit is un-wearable, i will wear a dark pair of jeans and a nice shirt, and musicgirl good luck for your test tomorrow :)
  10. As long as you turn up clean and tidy, I don't see an issue really. Your clothes don't detract from your test score :)

    M&S, Primark, Tesco and ASDA all have suits for around £30 or less.
  11. I paid bloody 80 quid for my suit and i have only had it on once, and that was for my Interview
  12. Thankyou!!. I reackon youve got a decent outfit sorted there aswell!! :)
  13. does anywhere sell a suit for 2 pound 50? as that is all i have, and i don't agree with borrowing because debts are evil things
  14. i have sent you a private message
  15. Please do not go out and buy yourself a suit if you can not afford it. You should dress smart but casual for the RT, Medical and PJFT. But should should dress to impress for your selection interview, shirt+ tie, trousers and smart shoes minimum for the lads and similar for the girls.

    Hope this helps and good luck


  16. just wanted to thank everyone for their advice, i had my psychometric test today and passed, now just have to wait til my interview, 27th, and my eyetest is booked for this tuesday
  17. Well done, BTS :)
  18. Any news on how Chloe (Musicgirl) got on with her RT?

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