Psychometric Test...

Hi guys, On Tuesday 28th of April a friend of mine went for his Psychometric test, he also passed on the day :), and seeing as i will be applying soon i have started getting ready, such routines as starting to improve my Fitness and starting studying for my own Psychometric test.

I am posting this Thread out of curiosity i have recently purchased a book which gives you an insight to what all the service's psychometric tests are like, i have done the practice questions here are my results.

120/130 - Reasoning
115/150 - English Language
120/150 - Mechanical Comprehension
(Now my weakness)
20/150 - Numeracy

I am posting to ask how the test is judged cause the book I've bought doesn't clarify how well you have to do to pass the test, no percentage needed or amount of questions you need correct to get through to the next stage.

I am having Maths lessons at College, but if someone could tell me what percentage you need to pass the entire test then i would surely appreciate it, because then i can evaluate myself on what areas i need to improve myself on.

Thanks :)
I have been in the books as well, i got mine for waterstones, 3 for a tenner. Maths, English and data. Been pretty handy so far.
I Bought the "Succeed at Psychometric Testing, Practice tests for the Armed Forces" - Bernice Walmsley

its really helpful, it gives practice questions on The Army, RN and RAF tests
I might have to look into that, thanks. I was gonna get a nintendo DS but once i end up doing the test it will just end up goining in the corner with the rest of my gadgets. So it's a waste of £100 really.

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