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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by werqpr, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. how hard is the psychometric test? i brought a book "psychometric testing: armed forces entry level" and found it quite easy, whats anybodys experiance of these tests??
  2. what does it matter you have passed so well done
  3. If your spelling is really that bad then I think you'll probably faint at the first page.

    JC :thumright:
  4. i have'nt passed i've only looked at a book?
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The questions aren't hard, but you need to work fast. If you fail it's 12 months for a re-sit, so beware falling at the first hurdle

    You get a free practice test booklet from the AFCO which is an excellent guide to what to expect. Online tests are of limited value as it's a paper & pencil test, however a lot of people say the Brain Training games on a DS helped them.

    A very good free online Psychometric Test can be found on the Practice Tests website
    BUT: Top tip, the site is merely used to test out testing systems, so don't put your real ID or email details on the site- just enter spoof data. You should go through the test as fast as you can to simulate the real thing. To my mind it’s probably the most representative of the tests available, albeit online rather than paper & pencil.

    Other good online tests can be found at: RAF Airman aptitude tests or maybe this Fireman's mech comprehension tests. Sadly the RN doesn't have any online versions.

    A good book to maybe borrow from a library (harder than the test, but good for practice- IF you feel you need it) is IQ & Psychometric Testing by Phillip Carter another one, believe it or not is the Verbal, Non-Verbal & mathematics sections of 11+ Mixed Papers. It sounds mad but the questions are virtually identical- again it's the timescales that make it difficult. You only have 9 minutes to complete 30 questions in the verbal section, same again in the non-verbal & 16 minutes for the 30 maths questions. Sounds easy- try it!

    The generic: Practice Tests for the Armed Forces: Entry Level (ISBN: 9780340926550)is reasonable in my opinion, but possibly a little easier than the real thing. The Ultimate Psychometric Test Book is another reasonable example to borrow from your nearest library.

    The overiding advice, is these example tests need not cost you a penny, so don't be suckered into buying something you can borrow or download for nothing.
  6. In that case i'll shut up then ^_^;

    Good luck
  7. once again thankyou for a very detailed post :thumright:
  8. Try this:

    Sample Royal Navy recruitment test

    It's twenty odd years since I did mine but I'm led to believe that nothing has changed and this one seems similar to the one I did.
  9. thankyou very much this really is a great help
  10. Hey werqpr. I bought this book and scored 110/120 and completed most sections with a minute to spare. The actual test is very similar to the one in this book. Keep practising though as you can never be over prepared.
  11. dunt bea aut uf ardar "JC91" mi mum sed mi speallinng wes god!!
  12. I wouldnt think you have much to worry about mate, i was quite nervous about the test's as, i admit, i am not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to written tests but there were not to bad at all.

    Had a look at the link from Novocastrian and that seems to be quite a good site if you want to get as close to the real thing as possible!!!

    All the best
  13. I tried Novocastrian's link and passed with flying colours. Just hope nerves don't get the better of me on the day.
  14. hi, can you please tell me where i could get this book as i am strugglin on the exam
  15. WHSMITHS, just follow the advice, ninja gave.
  16. Amazon sell it a lot cheaper than the book shops.


  17. Some great sample tests available at the website below. lick the download practice tests tab.... or "Click" it if you don't want to get static electric shock from your screen.
  18. Please forgive my stupidity but please can someone explain the answer to the following question (taken from one of Ninjas recommendations):

    Profound, Shallow, Euphoric, Despairing, Parsimonious,....what comes next?

    1. Extravagent
    2. Cheap
    3. Expensive
    4. Thrifty
    5. Extreme
    6. Wasteful

  19. 8O Thats a hard one.


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