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I recently passed my Psychometric test, which im happy about, but iv just realised im not quite sure what iv passed. Does this mean that i am elligable to join the navy, or that i have achieved the required score to do my first choice of trade?

I have my interview soon, will i turn up to a 'well done for passing but you didnt do well enough for your first choice, heres some other options' or is it an actual job interview?


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You have passed the first stage of selection. The interview is for them to find more info about yourself and if you are what they looking for. I suggest you you read what trade you are intrested in as they may ask questions. Find out as much as you can for example


How long traning is for at Hms Raleigh: 9 weeks basic Traning.

What Pay is like for your chosen trade and when you first join.

Dont worry too much but just have get a brief idea on what the Royal Navy does.

The interview i found to be quite formal chat just be yourself mate.
Thanks for the info. Ill make sure to check out all the info on here i can.

From an academic point of view, does passing the test mean im suitable for my job, or, even if they find my interview, PJFT, medical fine could they still turn me down for not getting a good score on the psychometric test? All i was told was 'you've all passed'.
Good luck!

Timeing is important, i only managed 3 quarters of the maths questions, theres around 30 on each page. But that might just be me.

Its quite straight forward, but i guess the fact that your being timed and you cant give or take a few seconds like you can at home, makes it alot different. Id say practice with a watch and dont cut yourself any slack.

Im sure others will be able to give better advice!


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If the AFCO advises you that you've "passed" it simply means you've passed with sufficient points for the trade you specified as your first choice.

If you hadn't, you will have been advised what, if any, other trades are available given the score achieved or advised to re-sit the test in 12 months.

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