Psychometric test


I have my psychometric test coming up for the seaman apprentiship coming up. I presume smart casual or suited and booted? Also is there a minimum score for the next stage?


Dress to impress never hurts.

No idea about Min or Max scores. You don't actually get told what you scored, just pass or not as the case may be.

Good luck


Lantern Swinger
You will be able to leave after the test as the centre will mark it and send your results to the RFA recruiting office. The RFA office will then contact you to let you know whether you did well enough to progress or not. You'll never actually know your score.


I'd just go smartish casual. If you're not wearing trackies and late, you'll have the teenagers I sat the RT with beat.

There is a minimum score to proceed. I don't believe it's particularly high, but how much weight the recruitment team put on the scores during the sift process, I'm not sure - so aim high.

Theoretically, you won't get the score there and then, but they mark them right away (they've got an answer grid.) If you ask nicely, you might be able to get the AFCO to give you a thumbs up.

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