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Hi all.

Just a little update to say that my Psychometric test is now confirmed - 3rd Jan 0930 - 1230.

three hours long? Really?!!

I was told by the WO that I will receive the results 20 minutes after taking the test, which is good to know. I'm working my way through the practice tests in the 'Dummies' book and I'm hoping practice will make for me speed up. I found it tricky to complete the test in the allocated time. Let's hope I have time to improve. Also need to really motivate myself to revise...I'm sure I will be fine. I tend to have a habit of over thinking things and I have purposely added the pressure by posting updates on here so if you don't hear from me post 3rd Jan then you know I have flunked it!!!

Have a good Christmas Mariners.

Speak to you again next year.


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The test lasts 44 minutes but you should expect to undergo verification checks beforehand, together with all other candidates on the day, to check you are who you say you are. After the test, it takes about ten minutes per candidate to mark and cross check the results.

Those failing will be counselled on career options available. Those passing will be briefed on the next stages & given forms to fill.

The reason we say three hours is to warn those paying parking fees, parents/partners who may come along and wish to wait and for those taking time off education or work.

The online practice test on the RN website is pretty much the real test, so if you cracked that, you should be OK.


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Thanks for that. Practice, Practice, Practice it is then?...
Interesting point.

The idea of psychometric testing is to get a snapshot of their respective intellectual capacity to successfully complete phase two training. Arguably we shouldn't allow people to revise, just snap test them. But we do.

We're nice like that. Good luck.


I have my psychometric test on Wednesday and was wondering if you complete this on a computer or on paper? When I last completed it, over 5 years ago it was paper so I'm just wondering if anything has changed? Do you still get paper for working out?

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