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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by OZ999, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi there

    I am applying to become an Air Engineering Officer (AEO) and I have my psychometric test next Monday.
    I have been revising hard over the last couple of months and have been brushing up. I have accumulated books over the last two years which I thought may be have help.

    The books I have are:
    - Practice Tests for the Armed Forces: Entry Level (SPT) by Bernice Williams
    - Armed Forces Tests (Practice Tests for the Army, RAF and Royal Navy) The Testing Series: 1 by Richard McMunn
    - How To Pass Psychometric Tests (Sample Test Questions and Answers) 1 by Richard McMunn

    Are these books of the same complexity as the actual test, if not what’s the best material to familiarize with?

    Also does anyone know what total score out of 120, an officer candidate needs to pass? I have heard a rumour of 80 typically?

  2. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    I have not read those particular books but I have sat the test and scored reasonably well.

    I would compare the difficult questions to GCSE standard so it's nothing challenging, maybe refresh yourself on some mathematic methods.

    No one here will tell you what score you require but only that it doesn't matter. Also it's not just an overall score but a certain score is required in each of the 4 sections.

    Make use of the search function and there is endless threads on this particular subject.

    Good luck.
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    Have you tried the "search" function?
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  4. Thank you OMM. I have read through the various other threads and taken on board the advice given. For the verbal reasoning does that entail definitions of words and choosing the correct word(s) for sentences?? for example point out the word that is different from the others?
  5. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Yes, pretty much.

    It will give you a word and then 4 more words as answers and you select the one that isn't related.
  6. Ollie

    There is a difference in the scoring for Ratings and the scoring for Officers.

    The Rating jobs each have a Total score, plus minimum scores for Literacy and Numeracy; some also have required scores for specific sections too, e.g. an Engineering Technician would be expected to reach a required score for the Mechanical Comprehension section, which makes sense.

    There isn't a specified Total score for an Officer role but there are 4 specified individual section scores and you have to reach those 4 individual scores to proceed. If you were to add up the 4 individual scores, your ball park figure wouldn't be too far out, but don't rely on getting that figure to get you through; you have to have reached the minimum score in each and every section. One section which trips applicants up is the Mechanical Comprehension section, but I would assume that this would be a good section for you. I certainly hope so!

    As far as the other sections are concerned, remember that Reasoning and Numeracy are valuable skills for an Officer to have but don't forget that Literacy is especially valuable.
  7. Thank you Soleil. I will take that into account. Id like to think the Mechanical would be too much of an issue as I'm currently finishing my engineering degree.
  8. Hi OZ999
    The maths one for me was similar to the booklet given and the ones I did online. Make sure you know fractions, degrees in a circle, long multiplication. With an engineering degree I'm sure you'll have no problem. My highest level in maths was AS level and I found it no problem.

    The mechanical was difficult for me - fit the stereotype of being a girl :/. From what I remember there was a lot of compass directions, plugs, tools and their uses, pulleys, cogs, wind directions, little bit on rivers. The officer told me the pass mark for this but I've just read that we shouldn't say. It's more than half marks at least for this section.

    The verbal is what you described. The four sentences with one not like the others is slightly harder than in the booklet. I rushed past those and came back as the others you can glance at and know the answer.

    The abstract is similar to the booklet eg shapes and rotations. It reminded me a bit like an IQ test really. You could have a look at those online.

    The main thing is timing. I was frightened of running over. So I rushed through each section to put an answer down and then went back over slowly twice to check. This made me look like I was mad as I flew through it but it worked for me.

    Good luck :) hope some of my ramble has helped you a little! They're really nice there. They marked mine within half an hour so I could get back to work :)

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    Last edited: Oct 24, 2013
  9. Thank you '2and2makes5', your message has been very informative. Sounds like the stuff I have been covering. Not particularly worried about the maths, its mainly the verbal which I have been focusing on more. Was there any other type of Verbal Questions? For example; 5 sentences spot the one with the different meaning?

  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

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