Psychometric test for AET

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rikbones, May 12, 2009.

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  1. I passed this today! Woo hoo! Sorry to make you read it, but i'm well chuffed :D
  2. Well done, Rik!

    Good News!
  3. very well done to you, i have my aptitude test on friday and feeling a little nervous, is there anything in there that you weren't expecting?
    any advice for friday? also have you been given the date for your interview and is there much of a delay until the interview?
  4. well done rik!
  5. Nice touch :)
  6. well done rikbones!
    may be at raleigh and sultan the same time when you pass the interview!

    done worry about it trousersnake,aslong as you've done your practicing, you will be fine!
    the maths may be a little tricky on some of them, just practise long multiplation and division and you shouldnt be caught out. just read it carefully as some of the questions seem to intentionally wrote with bad english/grammar

    well done again rikbones!
  7. ha point taken
  8. No they don't, they're all written with acceptable grammar. The problem comes with questions like.

    "Which of these sentences means something different to the others?"

    and you have 2 like...

    "The book was new when he bought it"
    "He bought a new book"

    I know to look at it now it seems obvious, but under the time limit and when you're nervous as fcuk, it's not so easy.

    Actually, I don't think that was the best example :lol: :lol:
  9. yeah i see what you mean, like you said, under the circumstances when you've got a test which could decide your future...
    just shows what i read on here when i was doing mine, prepare!
  10. Hey Well Done!!.

    I passed mine too today too!! :D, so know how your feeling!! hehe. Must admit, i'm glad I revised ... a little trickier than I was expecting ... and the time flew bye.

    the only bad part was the wait for the results ... longest hour ever!! hehe.

    Well done again!!
  11. Nicely done, musicgirl.
  12. Thanks everyone! And well done Musicgirl!

    As to trousersnake, I would say make sure you brush up on algebra and make sure you know about angles and degrees.

    As previously stated, the sentences that you have to tell apart are (if I can remember the example given)...

    John was affected by the situation
    The situation affected John
    John affected the situation
    It was the situation that had affected John

    Something along those lines anyway.

    As for my interview date, my advisor said that they are pretty full up at the moment so my date is 5th June. Got to get my eye test done and a replacement birth certificate in the meantime.

    Good luck for yours mate, i'm sure you will do fine.

    Oh one other thing, watch out for the time, because you dont have very much time to complete each section. I found this especially in the maths section.
  13. Well Done! and good luck for the interview!!!!
  14. thank you, and a month isn't really that long to wait, good luck on your eye test and interview
  15. Nice one for the link Soleil! Do you know how many people do you get interviewed by? Just out of curiosity. Didn't see it in the link.

    Thanks in advance.
  16. Tis one person, unless you're at the AIB as far as I'm aware :thumright:
  17. The interview is conducted by one person.

    Now and then, AFCO staff have another person sitting in on the interview to observe their interviewing technique, but this only happens rarely and you would be informed of this beforehand anyway.
  18. Ok cheers guys, thanks for the info.

    Have had interviews held by 3 people in the past and was hoping it wasn't going to like that lol.
  19. Had the interview today and passed! I've got to be honest though I was bricking it a bit! Especially the hour wait to hear the result, I was more nervous going back in for the result than I was for the interview lol.

    A big thank you to Soleil for posting the interview thread, it helped me out a lot! Thanks mate :)

    One question which did throw me off though was 'What is the least proud you have been in your life?' I just drew a total blank!

    Got the medical on monday now so fingers crossed :)

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