Psychometric test - compared to test booklet

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by foxy3, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. Well I took the Psychometric test last Monday after doing the practise booklet and doing very well, think I got 2 wrong I didn't put much effort into revising.

    Then come the test day I was surprised to find it was quite a bit harder than I'd have thought based on the practise test booklet.

    As I didn't do much revision I can't recommend any books but there must be some out there that will help people better prepare for the exam.
  2. I didn't revise for mine either. Just did the practice ones and made sure I understood them. Don't think revision from psychometric books really helps tbh as the questions are really random, so unless u do all of them then there's no point. Just make sure you know some basic mechanics (gcse physics it seemed to me), and know your algebra and how to add past 10 (they don't let you take your shoes off to count with your toes :lol: ). They're just testing to see if you're good enough to get through after all, if you don't know and understand that stuff already then I don't think revision is really going to help. Just my opinion though. 8O
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  4. Hmm I think the answer may lie in the fact that the ones I was particularly surprised by

    X is to Y, as Z is to ...

    Looking at the practise test this sort of question isn't on there and also whilst the right answers are shown for the practise questions there are no explanations as to why an answer is right if you can't see it...not that you couldn't find someone to explain it to you I'm sure.
  5. Look at the link ns provided, i did mine last week and got the job i wanted, the books that are mentioned really do help.
  6. I'm not complaining, I got the result I needed. It's just a little warning that the book lead me into a false sense of security and it is certainly worth looking through the information posted by Ninja_Stoker. After doing the practise book I decided I didn't need to revise, others might do the same but I'd suggest still spending some time looking over the info.
  7. Hi folks,
    i have my interview at the AFCO in a couple of weeks. Im going for Logistics officer. i have not had any booklets for practicing my pschometric test sent to me? Regards to the tests will i need to know algebra? its been a long time!!
  8. If you follow Ninja_Stoker's link above and then follow the first link in the thread it takes you to...that is the booklet I was sent.

    Good luck.
  9. Is that for your sift interview? I had to do some before my sift interview to make sure that I could become an officer so if you've had a letter saying that you're having your interview without them then I wouldn't worry about it (but would prob ask at your AFCO if you have any doubts). My friend is going through the process atm too and didnt have to do his RTs either.
  10. When i did mine, i was in for a shock, i found the booklet easy but the test rather dificult
  11. Cheers for the info. Yeah its for my Sift interview. Im bit worried as im no good with hard fractions and algebra and would be my luck to get loads of questions and not being able to do them! im gonna get some practice in but just wondered if there are algebra and fractions in the test at the AFCO?
  12. There were a few in my test, nothing hard, pretty stright foward, fractions are easy enough to learn, as i had to teach my self, make sure you learn the algebra, that caught my out.

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