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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LDBM, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. Hey everybody

    I am due to take my psychometric test and medical tomorrow and find myself sat at home in a state of panic. It's probably best for me to ask for your advice in chunks so here goes.

    Firstly, does anybody know howhigher score I need to sccessfully pass to the initial test to become a pilot?

    I'm bothered because I was late going to uni and only graduated this year I have tured 25 which I understand is the oldest for this application. So effectively I have one shot at this! No pressure. I've been doing soe research into Psychometric tests but am havin varied results and am wondering if I'm going overkill in a state of panic.

    Scondly is my medcal. I am under the influence that the maximum weight for a pilot is 95kg. I have been training for 6 months for a particular event which has seen my muscle mass increase and my weight is bang on 95kg. I am worried that there might be a small fluctuation in te scales and I may apear to be over, would this reject my application at thi sage o would I just be tod adjust my training accordingly?

    I know this may all sounds a little daft but it is really unsettling me as I feel it iseither pass or fail for me.

    Any advice welcome.
  2. Nothing you can do for the test tomorrow is there? You won't know the pass mark needed, but for pilot, obviously you will need to do well.

    Have a **** and get to bed early is my advice.
  3. It doesn't matter - there is nothing you can do in the next few hours to boost your score, so no point getting worked up about it.

    Stop working yourself into a panic then.

    Once again, nothing you can do in the next few hours so stop panicking.

    As Jonno advised, go to bed. There's no point working yourself into a tizz about tomorrow, so just accept it.

    Best of luck - just log off and get some sleep!
  4. Best advice i was given was get some sleep, turn up with plenty of time and dont worry.

    If you dont make it for pilot then they will talk to you about what you can do. However be positive and go to bed :)
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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