Psychometric Test and beyond...

Hi, firstly i'd like to say hi to everyone on here, i figured i'd join the forums as i'd found so much information useful to me before i took my psychometric and wanted to become part of the forum.

Anyway, i originally began my application with the idea being that i would become a medical assistant (submariner) and hopefully becoming a comissioned medical services officer. Which coincidentally would be the route my dad took and is currently following.

However, i took my psychometric test a couple of days ago thinking i'd pass it and would continue with that. Until they told me that with the result i got i should consider applying as an officer as i did so well. Obviously that is the route i want to take but my a-level results weren't great and i ended up with 3 d's in not very academical subjects (2 art subjects and P.E).

They've said i can go for it and chances are i will, i just wanted to know some more information about the AIB and what else joining as an officer entails, you guys seemed very knowledgable so i thought i'd ask you all for some advice. What do i need to know and how does it differ from a ratings application?
They advised you to go in as an officer with 3 D's at A level? That does suprise me. I thought you needed to attain at least 3 C's to gain enough UCAS points to be considered for officer.
Well congrats. I'd try and go in for officer, if I were you. There's loads of helpful info on the AIB here, so you can just search through all the postings.

I used "how2become" CD ROMs and DVDs to help me pass my RN selection. Perhaps you should go to their website and browse through their stuff. It's got really helpful advice on how to pass the interview

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